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Kharma's Pet is one of the final missions in Patapon 1 in which the Patapons, having defeated Kharma's three generals (Beetleton, Gong, and Spiderton) battle Shookle, their final obstacle between them and their confrontation with Queen Kharma.

Walkthrough Edit

Main article: Shookle

Shookle has 3 attacks, and 1 counterattack. Her attacks are:

  • Sleeping Gas - Shookle will bend her vines backwards and release sleeping gas, which deals minor damage and puts your Patapons to sleep. Dodging is preferred, as defending may not ward off all of the gas and the Party song is not available in Patapon 1.
  • Jumping Attack - Shookle will cover her head with her vines and after a brief pause, jump atop and land on your Patapons. Inflicts heavy damage, so dodging is best, but stunning Shookle may be another option if many of
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    your units are already asleep.
  • Triple Devour - Shookle will curl her vines like snakes, and then reach out across the battlefield, picking up - at most - 3 Patapons. After holding them for a while, she will digest the Patapons then spit them at your army, causing instant death for the digested Patapons. If you use fire-based weapons, you can burn her vines to free your soldiers, but staggering the boss is another option (however, this is risky since Shookle will retaliate with Reactionary Sleeping Gas). You can also deal damage quickly to break her vines. There is a bug where Shookle cannot pickup Dekapons or Megapons, this always happens without fail.
  • Reactionary Sleeping Gas - When your army staggers Shookle, she will immediately release a cloud of sleeping gas (you will also gain Ka-ching or items as usual). It acts the same way as the regular Sleeping Gas, but since you're probably attacking Shookle when she teeters, you probably won't be able to avoid it. All you can really do is watch out for this trick and preferably keep some distance-the sleeping gas doesn't have much range (about six or seven Patapon-lengths away from the boss).

Since Shookle's attacks are mostly close-range, the best strategy is to use Yumipons, Yaripons and Megapons, as they can keep some distance while attacking. Fire weapons are useful because not only can they reduce Shookle's attack repertoire for a time, they also deal extra damage from setting her alight. When not using Megapons or melee units, keep an eye on Hatapon, because Shookle might jump on him, ending the battle prematurely.

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