Deafeat Frozen Ancient Life Form ManbothEdit

"An ancient frozen creature has appeared from Kochikachi Lake! The Patapons once hunted this creatu


re for food. It's hearty meat helped them survive through many winters."

This is a fight with Manboth. Defeating him gets you the Mysterious Egg of Manboth.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Great Kami... Meden has made an offering of meat for you! It's made of Manboth's fang! Please eat all you wish.

Huge Manboth in Kochikachi Lake lvl. 2+Edit

"A mammoth elephant has survived from ancient times, frozen in a lake of ice. But you can actually hunt it! Defeat the Manboth to get the highest quality meat!"

This is the repeatable fight with Manboth. He drops meat. Defeating him on Lv. 3 unlocks Liquid Minigame and Tsun Tsuku Pon.

Next MissionEdit