General Akumapon Kuwagattan with Heaven Equipment - Attack Pose

Fanmade render of Kuwagattan with Heaven Club and Heaven Shoulderguards

Kuwagattan is an enemy in Patapon 2. He is the empowered form of Zigoton General Beetleton, resurrected by Black Hoshipon to lead the Akumapon forces along with Dark One. He is defeated by the armies of the Mighty Patapon in Mission 26: At Ground Zero.


Kuwagattan is an Akuma Dekapon, sporting a bulky frame about twice the size of regular units. He has an elaborate helmet resembling a fearsome beetle's jaws. Unlike his previous form, his jaws are large and jagged. Like all Akumapon, Kuwagattan has purple details, a squarish body, and a slit-like pupil, similar to Black Hoshipon's. He wields a Heaven Hammer in battle and wears Heaven Shoulders, which are barely noticeable due to the immense size of his helmet.


Just like his previous form, General Beetleton, General Kuwagattan attacks with powerful blows and earthquakes that make Patapons stagger. He is far stronger in this form, however, easily dealing triple-digit damage with every blow if unguarded. Even when defended against, Kuwagattan can deal tremendous damage with every blow. Fortunately, the PonPata song can help avoid his attacks.

In battle, Kuwagattan tends to taunt his foes, leaving himself open to attack. After warning his foes to prepare themselves, he performs an earthquake attack, followed by two normal blows. He also fights alongside Matango, a massive mushroom-like beast that aids him with stones, sleeping powder, and many Akumapons. He retreats behind this monster after taking some damage, but emerges to fight to the death once Matango has also been injured.

You will get either Heaven Hammer or Heaven Shoulders (If you have one, he will drop the other. If you have both, he will drop a Great Fire Hammer) when he is defeated.


  • General Kuwagattan is the only Deka Akumapon.
  • General Kuwagattan resembles a Mogyugyu.
  • General Kuwagattan's name is somewhat similar to the Japanese word "Kuwagatamushi" which means Stag Beetle. Also, Kuwagattan's helm resembles a stag beetle.
  • General Kuwagattan's appearance provokes a much more intimidating look that equalizes his strength.
  • General Kuwattagan made a cameo appereance in Patapon 3 as a Team Card.
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