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"To protect the legends (and riches) hidden within their sacred labyrinth, an ancient civilization booby-trapped its halls with countless deadly devices."
  — Area Description 

Labyrinth of Restraint

Known as Jisei no Meikyū (「自制の迷宮」?) in Japanese. This is the twenty-first location in Patapon 3. It contains 4 missions:

  • Note: This location has a lot of fire in it, so be sure to bring fire-resistant equipments.


Depths of Gluttony[]

Once the mission "Volcano King of the Labyrinth" is completed, the Depths of Gluttony will be unlocked. It contains one multiplayer mission:


  • The Labyrinth of Restraint and the Depths of Gluttony are the only levels with 5 floors, making a total of ten floors. This is the longest and largest dungeon in Patapon 3.
  • The shortcut while the Archfiend of Restraint is present takes you from the 1st floor to the 4th, it isn't optional.