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Goroch's Theme

Legendary Night Sky is a mission in Patapon. It features the player's third confrontation with Gong the Hawkeye, seeking the Patapons' destruction in order to stop his queen from making a pact with demons.

Walkthrough Edit


Build up Fever while Gong rants, "Oh mighty Zigoton ancestors, ye conqueror of the Patapons... Give us your strength..."

When he sets his challenge to you and begins attacking the rocks on his side, advance and begin working on the rocks on your side. Despite the scenario, Gong actually destroys rocks at the same time as your army, in order to ensure the confrontation at the middle. Note that Gong will begin to use his tornado attack as you get to the last rock.

When the last rock falls, destroy the cage and rescue the Patapon prisoner to receive the Broken Sign. With his challenge defeated, Gong goes on the attack, alongside a group of elite Yaritons and Yumitons. Kill all of them and force Gong into another retreat, but watch out for their fire weapons. The Tailwind Juju can be particularly useful here; if Gong pushes your melee fighters too far back, your ranged fighters won't be able to attack the

Zigoton troops. It also helps prevent the enemy projectiles from hitting your Patapons as easily. If you're still having trouble against the Zigoton strike force, there's a clever but lengthy tactic to separate the job. After freeing the Patapon prisoner, repeatedly run away with the Pon Pata song. Every time you retreat, the army will reconvene slightly farther back from before. If this is done enough times, only Gong will pursue you. Once this happens, you can attack Gong until he retreats, then return to take down the rest of the Zigotons.

You can use wind miracle to kill Zigotons on the back with Yumipons and later attack Gong.

This level becomes a hunting stage called Search for a Lucky Star, after you complete the mission for the first time. You can hunt for Cafeteria Meat, Mystery Meat, Dream Meat, Level 1-3 Alloys, the Black Star, and the Ton Kampon Hat, which unlocks the Blacksmith Minigame.


  • Breaking more than one rock pillar with certain modified saves may result in the game crashing when Gong attempts to destroy one.
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