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Level Info

Lord of the Mountains



Next Level

Legendary Night Sky

Previous Level

Battle! Bachikoi Fort

Background Music

Yahoho's Theme


Level Description

See article Gaeen for information on defeating him.

After you beat Battle! Bachikoi Fort, you will face Gaeen. Once Gaeen is defeated, he will give you Dekapon's memory.

Attacks Edit

Gaeen can do the following attacks:

  • Laser Eyes - His eye will flash red and white and shoot a laser to your Patapons, which will mainly hurt your Yumipons. (If you are at the very edge of the screen you can use retreat, and if all of your Patapons are off the screen it will do no damage.)
  • Throw - He will put his hands on the ground, (like a bulldozer) push your Patapons back, trapping them, then catapult them into the air.
  • Sledge Slam - He will raise his hands behind his head with one leg raised , and soon smash them on the ground.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 19 - Lord of the Mountains

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 19 - Lord of the Mountains

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