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Level Info
Map 6.png
Enemy Dokaknel
Next Level Parabola Of Hope
Previous Level Karmen General Hukmen
Background Music Ushishi's Theme

Mighty Dokaknel is an optional boss mission in Patapon 2, unlocked by obtaining the Square Wheel from the giant castle guarding Sokshi Gate. It sees the return of a familiar guardian beast from the original game, which the Patapons can battle for rare Vegetables and a new weapon or two.


As you may have guessed, this mission pits you against Zaknel's stronger cousin, Dokaknel. Advance a little to see the green-eyed monster with swords in his head swim through the earth to engage your army.

Defenders of Kunekunel

Essentially, there are only two major differences between Dokaknel and Zaknel. First of all, Dokaknel's attacks are significantly stronger than Zaknel's, meaning that knowing how to dodge them is key. In particular, remember

the differing cues for the Headbutt (boss looks upward, body straight), which must be

Dokaknel's head

retreated from, and the Fire Breath (boss looks ahead, body curled and tail touching its back), which is easier to jump over. The Earthquake is still simple to anticipate and jump over (boss lies on the ground, back arched), but the increased power means that it can actually pick away your units' health over time, so make sure you time your jump command.

The second difference is the boss' new attack, Worm Wheel. It's powerful, but fairly easy to dodge (just use the DonDon bounce to get out of the boss' way as it tunnels through the ground). Retreating is effective, but given the somewhat lengthy nature of the attack, jumping is usually an easier option. Of note is that the final rotation of the Worm Wheel does no damage at all, so time your retreat early rather than late. If hit before the attack ends, the attack has huge knockback, and will send your patapons flying

As with Zaknel, melee units may have problems hitting the boss, but they can keep Dokaknel at a distance to give you more room to evade. This is especially useful with a melee Hero, who can go through most of the boss' attacks and revive himself if the repeated blows overwhelm him. Remember to bring sleep-inducing weapons to get better items and keep the worm from fleeing as easily. It's a long fight, given Dokaknel's immense HP, but as long as you evade its attacks, you'll come out on top in the end.

When defeated for the first time, Dokaknel drops its egg for the Patagate. It also drops the Storm Miracle at Lv.3. In addition to these treasures and the usual plethora of Vegetables, It may also relinquish Dokaknel's Fang, a piercing spear for your Yaripons.