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Level Info
Miracle of lostdon.jpg
Enemy Majidonga
Next Level Desert Crossing
Previous Level Ancestral Guardian
Background Music Pipirichi's Theme


When you start the level, you will first encounter a small obelisk or gravestone. If you destroy it you will get the Don Drum. After that you will face the mighty Majidonga [Mah- jee- dong- guh] who is like Dodonga, but he is stronger, red, has a huge horn, and eats your Patapons without leaving their caps behind so you can't revive them. See the article on how to beat him. After defeating Majidonga, you will receive the JuJu Rain Miracle.


  • From the name of the mission "Lostdon" it obviously shows the aim of the mission (To find the lost Don Drum)

At level 5


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 8 - Miracle of Lostdon

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