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Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.

Miss Covet-Hiss
Image 1748.png
Equipment Cannons, Howitzers/Blunderbusses, Lasers
Stamina Low
Weight 6.5

Cannon class for the Archfiend of Freedom and Mercy. Scorches the battlefield with burn effects, and can learn to use poison!
  — US In-game description. 

Miss Covet-Hiss is one of the seven Dark Heroes introduced in Patapon 3, and is the seventh Dark Hero encountered in the story mode and is the counterpart to Cannogabang for having an identical choice in weaponry and similar Uberhero mode. Much like Cannogabang, Covet-Hiss can deal devastating amounts of damage from the backline with an arsenal firearms, but also inflicts an array of status effects to the survivors.


Covet-Hiss sports a black and red mask in the form of a snake's head baring its fangs with a single slit-pupil eye in its mouth, and wears a red cape by default.


In reality, Covet-Hiss is Standoffish Sonarchy's father, King Ighl; one of the sole survivors of the ancient Ah-ooh dynasty that the Patapons invaded and destroyed a long time ago. Using the power of the Archfiends, Sonarchy and Covet-Hiss, along with two other Ah-ooh survivors, formed the alliance of Dark Heroes to exact revenge on the Patapons. Three additional members were recruited by the Archfiends themselves, with their previous memories being wiped to maintain loyalty to the alliance. Covet-Hiss is seemingly responsible for keeping their memories suppressed, but ultimately failed, resulting in two members defecting and having one executed.

In the final cutscene, Covet-Hiss reveals the true identities to all of the remaining Dark Heroes. Slogturtle and Buzzcrave, however, reveal that they had already known of their identities due to Sonarchy restoring their memories in secret. Shocked at this revelation and insubordination from Sonarchy, Covet-Hiss flies into a murderous rampage, attempting to kill the all the other Dark Heroes. After ordering Slogturtle and Buzzcrave to retreat, Sonarchy confronts and strikes his father, dealing 777 critical damage points, and states that the time for redemption was drawing near. Covet-Hiss, in a dying breath, cries out in denial to Sonarchy as a Dark Hero alliance is disbanded.


Covet-Hiss can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Cannons, Howitzers, and Lasers by default.

Dark Uberhero Mode: Double Ba-bam

Double Ba-Bam.gif
"Each of the two super cannon shells fired consecutively inflict absolutely devastating damage."
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png, then PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

Uniquely, Covet-Hiss's Uberhero mode cannot be kept in a combo and will end immediately after it is activated. The only way it can be kept in a combo is via Soragami's Sutra.

During Double Ba-bam, Covet-Hiss charges up to fire off two consecutive bursts, with the effects of Double Ba-bam being dependent on the currently equipped weapon.

Upon activation of any of these, Covet-Hiss will shout, "Double Ba-Bam!"

Cannon Ba-bam

Fires 2 consecutive glowing cannon shells.

Howitzer/Blunderbuss Ba-bam

Fire 2 consecutive piercing fire spray.

Laser Ba-bam

Fires 2 consecutive gigantic laser beams.

Class Skills

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Attack speed boost allowing faster firing of cannon. Reach level 31 Executing attack commands. Due to a bug, this skill cannot gain experience. (200 exp)
Body Piercing.png
Body Piercing
Adds piercing attack when equipped with cannon or blunderbuss. Master "Instacharge" Executing attack commands. Due to a bug, this skill cannot gain experience. (50 exp)
Copies the poison rate of the most poisonous ally. Master "Body Piercing" Poisoning an enemy. (25 exp)

Set Skills

Covet-Hiss can equip up to five Set Skills.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Incinerate Turn foes into cinders! When attacks cause burning, the resulting fire burns intensely! Reach level 32
Gun Attack 50% bonus to attack power when equipped with cannon, blunderbuss, or laser. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 34
Growem Green Small chance of grasslands sprouting when an attack hits ground. Reach level 36
Super Singe Doubles burn rate. Reach level 38
Peerless Snake Quadruples poison rate when attack triggers critical. Reach level 40


  • Covet-Hiss' class and sets skills focus more on attack speed and status, leading to a more supportive role compared to Cannogabang's offensive abilities.


  • Miss Covet-hiss and Sonarchy are survivors of the ancient Ah-ooh dynasty. They were both responsible to exact revenge upon the Patapons by summoning the 7 Archfiends for annihilating their tribe.
  • Covet-Hiss was killed when Sonarchy dealt 777 damage, despite surviving after receiving 99999 damage dealt by the Uberhero's kick during the scene after the Evilmass of Adamance, if you have chosen the option to save the Patapon Princess.
  • Although presumably killed by Sonarchy, Covet-Hiss is still seen in a certain VS missions afterwards, due to the post-story VS modes being non-canonical.
  • Covet-Hiss' name may be a reference to the word "covetous", meaning a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else.
  • Miss Covet-Hiss' gender is ambiguous, as they are referred to as male and female in multiple instances.
    • Sonarchy frequently calls Covet-Hiss "Papa", though this is immediately corrected by the latter.
    • Covet-Hiss refers to themselves as a "big girl" and a "mother" after being shocked by a prank from Sonarchy.
    • In "Slogging on the Job", the mission description refers to Covet-Hiss with "his".
    • In "Dark_Heroes'_Last_Stand", the Uberhero can reply, "Yes, ma'am, please!", to Covet-Hiss' offer. However, the Uberhero is never made aware of Covet-Hiss' true identity.
  • During the campaign, Covet-Hiss' Double Ba-Bam has much less range than when playing in Dark Hero Mode.
  • In "Slogging on the Job", Covet can be seen equipped with the Euryalus howitzer.
  • Covet-Hiss' class skills of Covet-Hiss are glitched and will gain no experience.


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