A Mochichi (aka Motiti) is a huntable animal that appears in all Patapon games. It has long thin legs, a black circular body, a triangular beak, three tail feathers and two antennae topped with white dots. At rest, it retracts most of its features and lies on the ground, with only its tail feathers visible on top of a seemingly shapeless mass of flesh.

Behavior and TacticsEdit

Unlike Kacheeks, Mochichis are skittish and alert, even at rest - they will notice the Patapons from a further distance than the boar-like creatures. Once a Mochichi spots you, it will stand up, squawk, and run away after a few seconds. It runs more quickly than a Kacheek, and covers more distance on escaping before settling down again. Fortunately, it only has 50 HP , so a few attacks will be sufficient to bring it down.

The only mission where a Mochichi is guaranteed to appear is when you battle Mochichichi on Sutten Plains in Patapon 2. However, most hunting missions are likely to have a Mochichi or two amid the other wildlife.

  • A Mochichi before being frightened
  • A Mochichi running away

Mochichi is one of the very few huntable animals that returns in Patapon 3, and even then only in the Patapon Training Grounds. Its behavior is mostly unchanged from the previous two games, save for the addition of an attack; after standing up, the bird will spit out white, seed-like projectiles that can damage Patapons and put them to sleep. The damage is proportional to the Patapons' level.


  • Ka-Ching (Often, In all games).
  • Mudada bones (Often, in Patapon 2).
  • Gashirin bones (Rarely, in Patapon 2).
  • Tender meat (Always, In Patapon and Patapon 2).
  • Wooden or Iron chests (in Patapon 3).


  • This creature bears a resemblance to an ostrich or an emu.
  • Despite its thin legs, it finds a way to run away quite quickly.
  • Mochichi seem to sleep most of the day, as when spotted, they are always asleep, until awoken by the noisy Patapons.
  • In Patapon, you can get closer than usual to Mochichi when you use the Rain Miracle.
  • This creature will do a front flip before running away when startled but this will not happen anymore in higher leveled Mochichis.
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