Mogyugyu evo

Mogyus are pure max.damage units.

Mogyu (Mogyoon in Patapon 1) (a.k.a. Bovine-pon or Devil-pon) is a pure damage Rarepon species found in all existing Patapon games. Their family consists of Mogyu (Level 1-4), Mogyuun (Level 5-9), and Mogyugyu (Level 10). They are recognizable by their purple color and the long horns above their shoulders.

To upgrade any of your units into a Mogyu Rarepon, they must first be upgraded into a Mofu and a Kanokko Rarepon.

Mogyu Rarepons are popularly considered to be the best units in the game and with good reason. Their defenses are high, their maximum strength is unrivaled and they don't have any elemental weaknesses. They also get an impressive stagger ratio, making them terrifyingly strong against all enemies.

Mogyus do suffer from a few weaknesses, however. They are slow in both movement and attacking speed, which is inconvenient but not crippling. Additionally, their damage output can be inconsistent; in contrast to their incredible maximum damage boost, they don't get any increases to their minimum damage, which leads to interestingly varied damage values. Heaven Equipment can give a good boost to their damage allowing them to deal an occasional 1000+ damage. They work very well with units that can fire off multiple attacks, such as Yumipons, Megapons, and Mahopons. However, the slower attack speed can be problematic for the Yumipons. Mogyu Patapons don't get the capability of being impervious to one status effect, unlike Sabara and Gyaba.

Level 1 Description: One of the strongest Patapons. He'll need to level up to unlock his killer instincts."

Level 5 Description: Astonishingly strong! Slow to move and attack, but frighteningly powerful enough to offset the balance of battle."

Level 10 Description: When this Patapon steps into battle, enemies will soak their pants with fear. There is no stopping Mogyugyu."

Appearance: devil,bovine,bull,cow
HP: +350 Crit Ratio: 0
Damage: +0-400 KB Ratio: 0
Attack Speed: +0.80 CNC Ratio: +100%
Resist Ignite: 0 Ignite Ratio: 0
Resist Freeze: 0 Freeze Ratio: 0
Resist Sleep: 0 Sleep Ratio: 0
Immunities: N/A
18x Lv4 15x Lv5 14x Lv3 6x Lv3
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Patapon 3Edit

In Patapon 3, the Mogyu Uberhero Grenburr appears, wielding Greatswords, Greatblades and Axes.

His Uberhero Mode is called Guillotine, which makes him jump in the air, spin and swi

Chin as a Grenburr

ng his weapon into the ground which deals major-fatal damage. When leveled high enough, Grenburr can deal 999999 damage points (when equipped with good equipments, such as Unique, Super Unique, Ultimate types or your Arch Item), which will kill any enemies instantly or leaving bosses seriously injured.

NOTE: If you keep dealing 999,999 damage, some of your attacks will deal more than 999,999 damage, Patapon 3 cannot display higher damage figures more than 999,999 damage (as the programmers thought you can only reach 999,999 damage). The Damage output in your units when shown in the Barracks only shows damage figures of up to 999,999 damage, yet you could deal more damage than 999,999.

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