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The Cloud Demon Pharamatara

Before the mission, Meden says, "Great Kami... let's cross the sea of clouds on our way to Earthend!

Pharamatara, Defender of the SkyEdit

MAP: Momokkun Cloudsea

BGM: Wuffunfa's theme

"Past the impregnable mountains, a sea of clouds spreads before them... white clouds, black clouds, thunderclouds... but this isn't heaven, it's a battleground."

This stage starts with Talking Sign talking about a rock. You'll see that beside him lays the rock Hero first threw at Dodonga. Then a Torimen with a lightning javelin flies and starts attacking you. If you keep on marching you will run into Pharamatara. He has a hand which flicks away any Patapons that get close. He can die independently. If you keep on going you will find a Karmen fort if you destroy the fort you can keep the Karmens from respawning. Defeating Pharamatara gives you the Mysterious Egg for his boss fight at Patagate.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: Pharamatara... what a terrifying demon. I didn't know something like this existed!

Scout: Lady Meden!

Meden: Really? You again? Let me guess... the scouts have found something terrible? Right?

Scout: You're right Lady Meden... how did you know?! It's a castle up in the clouds.

Next MissionEdit