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The Mystery of the Sandstorms in the Desert


Huntable Animals

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Big Battle At Ekkora Oasis

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Zaknel, King Of The Desert


Moakan Desert

Background Music

Awon's Theme

This mission appears in Mission 25's location, but because it can only be accessed after you fight Zaknel, it is Mission 27. In order to get the Tailwind Miracle, you need to bring the Rain Miracle into this mission to survive the hot heat. Depending on the weather, the animals present will change (a Gancheek (which gives seeds) will appear here if you make it rain).

It's a regular hunting mission, but halfway through you'll find a Wep. As you approach it, you'll find yourself on hot sand area. Perform the Rain Miracle and then drum the command it says on the Wep. It'll give you the Tailwind Miracle after a few measures. This hunting mission is a good place to get Fangs, especially Gizaza Fangs.



The strange commands.

  • If you retreat far enough at the start of the mission, a mysterious group of commands appears (Pon-Pata-Chaka-Don) in the air. The purpose of these commands is currently unknown.
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