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Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.

Image 1668.png
Equipment Spears, Pikes, Halberds
Stamina Medium
Weight 5.5

Freeze Spear class for the Archfiend of Purity. Summons rain to boost all skills: attack, defense, and recovery!
  — US In-game description. 

Naughtyfins (「みだらなフィーナ」?; Midarana Fīna) is one of the seven Dark Heroes introduced in Patapon 3. She is the second Dark Hero encountered in the story mode and is considered the counterpart to Yarida, Piekron, and Wooyari for her spear-throwing prowess and rain-related support abilities. Like the former two, Naughtyfins is a mid-range damage dealer who attacks at a distance with her spears. Like the latter two, she can support her team by summoning rain to provide a wide array of bonuses.

She is considered the counterpart of the Uberhero Wooyari because of her similar weapon choice and rain-related abilities.


Naughtyfins sports a baby blue mask in the form of a mermaid tail with large fins on the sides, and wears a lavender cape by default.



She is affiliated with the Archfiend of Purity and represents the Deadly Sin of Lust. Naughtyfins is first seen at the Snow Field of Sullied Tears along with a retreating Madfang Ragewolf. After teasing him about the cold, they band together to stop the Uberhero at the Tower of Purity, to no avail. The two later rendezvous with Standoffish Sonarchy at the Castle of Justice, where Naughtyfins begins to have her doubts with the Archfiends. In an unusual interaction, she asks to join the Uberhero, despite knowing the consequences of betrayal.

Some time later, the Dark Heroes devise a plan to utilize Superweapon Org to defeat the Uberhero. Naughtyfins then meets with the Uberhero in secret, warning of what lies within the Labyrinth of Restraint. Suddenly, she is struck by a debilitating headache and falls unconscious. Gluttonous Buzzcrave then appears, introducing himself and taking Naughtyfins back to the Dark Hero Hideout. In the hideout, she is kept in restraints as Miss Covet-Hiss attempts to prevent any further recollection.

Through unknown means, Naughtyfins eventually escapes from the Dark Hero Hideout unnoticed. She encounters the Uberhero at the Evilmass of Adamance, where the latter comes to the realization of Naughtyfins' true identity.


Naughtyfins can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Spears, Pikes and Halberds by default.

Dark Uberhero Mode: Please Freeze[]

Please Freeze!.gif
"These frigid spears stir up arctic winds when they hit the ground, freezing foes and dousing fire."
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png, then PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png
  • Combo: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

During Please Freeze, Naughtyfins leaps high into the air and throws her weapon down at a sharp angle, which causes a freezing explosion on impact. In addition, any fires within range will be extinguished. All weapons thrown will gain freezing properties, even if the weapon doesn't have freezing power.

Upon activation, Naughtyfins will shout, "Please Freeze!♥"

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Twin Spear.png
Twin Spear
Throw two spears at once with charge attack or during Fever. Reach level 31 Successful attacks. (200 exp)
Quadruple Spear.png
Quadruple Spear
Throw four spears. Superior skill to Twin Spears. Master "Twin Spear" Successful attacks. (50 exp)
Six Spear.png
Six Spear
Throw six spears. Superior skill to Four Spears. Master "Quadruple Spear" Successful attacks. (10 exp)

Set Skills[]

Naughtyfins can equip up to five Set Skills.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Flash Shower Fever triggers rain. Additionally, while it is raining, HP recovers gradually and battle stats are boosted. Reach level 32
Spear Attack 1 40% bonus to attack power when equipped with spear or pike. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 34
Freezem Solid Doubles freeze rate. Reach level 36
Spear Attack 2 50% bonus to attack power when equipped with spear or pike. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 38
Peerless Mermaid Upon death, recovers HP of all allies to the amount of 50% of own max HP. Also cures status effects. Reach level 40


  • Unlike other spear-throwing classes, Naughtyfins can wield pikes to massively increase her damage. To compensate for the large size of pikes, she jumps considerably higher than normal, allowing her to dodge low attacks.
  • With sufficient attack speed, Naughtyfins can jump multiple times in on attack, causing her to temporarily float.


  • After defeating the Archfiend of Adamance and passing the Evilmass of Adamance, the Uberhero sees her on his way back to the Hideout. Speaking with her reveals that she has regained her memories and that she is ashamed of her current form. You can choose to embrace her as she's about to leave, which will cause her mask to drop off, revealing her true identity. From then, she will join you in your Hideout next to the Herogate, seeing you off when you leave and greeting you when you return.
  • Naughtyfins is the only Dark Hero to not have a name prefix in the English-language localizations ex. Rottenlee Ravenous, Madfang Ragewolf, etc.
    • However, her team card reveals that her prefix is "Slinky".
  • She is the only Dark Hero whose true identity is female.
  • Naughtyfins and Cannogabang are the only units in Patapon 3 that are based on a mythical creatures (mermaid and dragon respectively).
  • Naughtyfins, Patapon Princess, Priestess Meden and Miss Covet-hiss are the only characters in Patapon 3 to use the "❤" symbol in their dialogue.
  • During the campaign, Naughtyfins is immune to freezing.
  • During the campaign, Naughtyfins' Dark Uberhero Mode is not continuous in the campaign. She will only throw her spears once.
  • In "Total Ultrasonic Air Defense!", Naughtyfins can be seen equipped with Poseipon's Trident.
  • When Naughtyfins is defeated and is reborn, she shouts with a lighter and higher pitched voice than the other Dark Heroes.
  • Like Yarida, using the DonDon command while in Uberhero mode may cause Naughtyfins to jump higher than normal
  • The Peerless Mermaid set skill is similar to Bowmunk's Fertilizer set skill, but cures status ailments as well.


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