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Level Info
Naughtyfins and the Ice Forest of Introversion.png
Enemies Bonedeth, Dark Heroes (Ragewolf and Naughtyfins)
Next Level A Mermaid's Tears and the Great Snow Race, Blizzard Tower and the Bonedeth Brigade (Optional)
Previous Level Big Chills in Pure Snow
Background Music Wuffunfa's Theme,

Ragewolf and Naughtyfins, two Dark Heroes, fought together to guard Blizzard Tower. Watch out! Sightings of Snow Salamanders reported. Definitely consider some serious freeze resistance. (*) Arrows incapacitated by blizzard's headwind.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv6 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv6

This is the second mission in the Snow Field of Sullied Tears, and the first mission where Naughtyfins appears and you'll fight her.


More new threats await, and this time, it gets annoying. Snow Salamanders are strong beasts who use their long necks to freeze and deal damage. When struck, they grow, and at very low stamina levels, they can become huge. Snow Salamanders have 2 intentional moves, and two default moves. When killed, they explode, heavily damaging all Patapons that are around them. To dodge, run away use the DonChaka song if Hatapon is far away enough. Occasionally, a Snow Salamander will roar and extend its neck, freezing your Patapons.

First fend off Ragewolf, he'll only use defensive attacks, so he shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Turn your attention to the Snow Salamanders, and make sure you don't get hit by their neck slams. Run away or jump when they are exploding. Once you defeat all 3 Snow salamanders, and chase off Ragewolf twice, you will have to deal with Naughtyfins AND Ragewolf. Save your summon for the Blizzard Tower as well. Their Hero Mode attacks will be identified by them talking in a red speech bubble, at which point you should defend or run away. Then it is a good time to use your Summon, because it can easily take out the Blizzard Tower.

An easy way to defeat Ragewolf and Naughtyfins is to use stagger-inducing weapons, incapacitating them as they stagger constantly.