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Level Info
No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert.png
Enemies Bonedeth, Cyclops, Death
Next Missions Buzzcrave and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep
Previous Missions Archfiend of Earnestness
Background Music Wa Wa What Theme

The Archfiend of Restraint rules the desert, but the secret of the ancients lies far below the scorched sands, untouched by sunlight and the hands of explorers since times long past.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested Level: Lv17 / Reward: Iron Chest Lvl17

This is the first mission in the Bottomless Stomach Desert. It is only playable once.


First, destroy the gigantic boulder, some Bonedeth, and then a Mutant Cyclops will attack you. March ahead, break three more boulders, and smash the small Bonedeth castle. Kill the Death, and smash the remaining boulders and the Mutant Cyclops. More Bonedeth will try to kill you, but keep moving, smash their two castles, and make it to the goal.



Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 29 No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert

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