Pan the Pakapon

Pan the Pakapon

Pan Pakapon is a musician who helps Ubo Bon scratch his head. In Patapon 1, you get the Pakapon cap when you destroy the tombstone in the mission Escape from Isolation. It will cost a Leather Meat for a game. The rewards are random. It includes Banal Branch, Cherry Tree, Hinoki, Stone, Titanium Ore and Leather Meats.

You can get Pan Pakapon's hat in Patapon 2 after completing Level 1 on the Timed Obstacle Course. It will cost Ka-ching for the 3 levels. The rewards are level 1-4 Wood, Hide, Meat, Bones and Fangs, all of which are useful for leveling up Yumipons, Kibapons, Megapons, Toripons, Tatepons, Dekapons, Robopons and Yaripons.

Pan Pakapon

Offering Cafeteria Meat to Pan Pakapon


Pan Pakapon in his original design.