Pata-Pole Palace.

Pata-Pole is the former home of the Patapons when they were at their peak.

They conquered many trials and always had won their battles with Almighty at their side. However, one day, a disaster occoured.

Ormen Karmen, leader of the Karmen, the ancestral rivals of the Patapons, wanted to rule over Pata-Pole. To do so, he tricked Hero into thinking that the Patapon Princess of Pata-Pole was in trouble. Hero then broke the World Egg, hoping that it would save her, but it unleashed demons upon Pata-Pole and throughout the Patapon world.

The Patapons had to retreat, because the Underworld's armies exceeded their own. Hero became very ashamed of himself so he put on a Mask that erased his memories. Ormen Karmen then took the Princess and held her captive, planning to make her his queen to rule over the Patapons.

Pata-Pole still remained Ormen Karmen's kingdom until the Patapons, Almighty, and the Hero came back to retake Pata-Pole for the Patapons. During the battle against Ormen Karmen, Hero regained his memories of the incident. Before Ormen Karmen was defeated, he managed to summon Dettankarmen to attack Patapons. After defeating Dettankarmen, the World Egg was repaired again, the Princess was freed, and Pata-Pole was owned by the Patapons once again.

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