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Key ItemsEdit

Name Description
Pon Drum Drum of Valour. Obtained by agreeing to become the Patapon god. Strike with О button.
Pata Drum

Drum of Strength. Hatapon guarded this drum with his life. Strike with □ (Square) button.

Chaka Drum Drum of Wisdom. Found at the ruins shown on the Blank Map. Strike with Δ button.
Don Drum Drum of Miracles. Obtained by defeating Majidonga of the forest. Strike with X button.
Name Description
Rain Miracle In Patapon legend, this miracle allowed Almighty to cross the desert along with his loyal subjects.
Tailwind Miracle In Patapon legend, this miracle allowed arrows to be launched at enemies far, far away.
Storm Miracle In Patapon legend, this miracle is an expression of Almighty's anger.
Earthquake Miracle In Patapon legend, no creature remained standing after this miracle was performed.
Blank Map This map, obtained by defeating the Zigoton general Gong, reveals a curious ancient site.
Bent Compass The unidentified being Oep burped up this gadget on the Patata Plain. It reveals hidden ruins.
Dusty Crystal Obtained from Momoti at the Heave Ho Oasis. It reveals hidden ruins.
Broken Sign Obtained by defeating Gong at starry-skied Manten Gorge. It reveals hidden ruins.
Black Star Hoshipon appeared at Manten Gorge and offered this star. It reveals hidden ruins.
Dark Palace Model Kharma's pet burped this up! It reveals hidden ruins.
Patapata Song "March of Mobility" PATA PATA PATA PON (Full speed ahead!)
Ponpon Song "Ariel of Attack" PON PON PATA PON. (Ready, aim, fire!)
Chakachaka Song "Dirge of Defence" CHAKA CHAKA PATA PON. (Guard the hearth and home!)
Ponpata Song "Requiem of Retreat" PON PATA PON PATA. (Good grief! That's one big one!)
Ponchaka Song "Hold Tight Hoe-Down" PON PON CHAKA CHAKA. (Hold back, sit tight!)
Dondon Song "Maker of Miracles" DON DODON DODON. Use in fever mode. (Almighty, grant us a miracle.)
Warrior Memories
Yaripon's Memory Legendary Yaripon's Memory. This great warrior once fought a thousand foes.
Tatepon's Memory Legendary Tatepon's Memory. This brave warrior once defended the tribe from a fire-breathing dragon.
Yumipon's Memory Legendary Yumipon's Memory. This agile warrior once shot down three hundred hawks with a single arrow.
Kibapon's Memory Legendary Kibapon's Memory. This mighty warrior once once parted the seas in a frenzied charge.
Dekapon's Memory Legendary Dekapon's Memory. This Herculean warrior once pulverised a mountain in one strike-chopped it down with the edge of his hand.
Megapon's Memory Legendary Megapon's Memory. The music of this handsome warrior once brought one hundred maidens to tears.


It is important to know the value of your resource items at Mater, the tree of life, to know what Rarepon you will get. Add the two values together and get your "level number." The "level number" will be equal to the level of the Rarepon. Go to Patapon Species (Rarepons) to see all the Rarepons levels.

Name Description Value
Cafeteria Meat (Leather Meat) The elders tell young Patapons, "If it fills your stomach, don't complain," and they learn to eat this meat. 1
Tender Meat Patapons love this soft, luscious meat, but they can rarely eat it, even on their birthdays. 2
Succulent Meat (Dream Meat) This legendary marbled meat melts like cotton candy, but Patapons prefer a heartier meal. 3
Mystery Meat Tribal records make no reference to this elusive meat. What does it taste like? Legends says this tastes like chicken. 4
Name Description Value
Stone A common stone, full of impurities, but vital nevertheless. 1
Hard Iron Much blood has spilled in conflicts surrounding claims to this rare metal according to Zigoton myth. 2
Titanium Ore (Tytanium Ore) Legend has it that this tough, lightweight ore was granted to the Patapons by none other than Almighty. 3
Mithril (Mytheerial) This magical metal is the lightest and sturdiest of all. It is used to forge divine tools of war. 4
Name Description Value
Wood Branch (Banal Branch) Available in abundance, except when you really need them. 1
Cherry Tree According to legend, the ancient colossal cherry trees in the East are resting deities. 2
Hinoki Legend say that even the Great Mighty Patapon's home is made up of this sacred Hinoki timber. 3
Super Cedar Almighty speaks of a legendary island where super cedars eternally watch over the forests. 4
Name Description Value
Eyeball Cabbage Every Patapon loves nice, fresh cabbage. 1
Blood Carrot (Crying Carrot) These carrots sprout en masse after a brutal battle. 2
Predator Pumpkin Those who attempt to eat this unique vegetable end up being its prey. 3
Moor Morel (Hazy Shroom) Those who come across this rare mushroom become faint from the pleasure of inhaling its fumes. 4
Name Description Value
Blunt Alloy (Sloppy Alloy) This poorly-forged reject alloy still gets the job done. 1
Hard Alloy This expertly-forged alloy is a valuable resource. 2
Awesome Alloy This exceedingly rare high-quality steel is as precious as gold. 3
Magic Alloy A magical alloy forged by Patapon ancestors during the tribe's peak. 4
Name Description Value
Gnarly Stew Even this terrible stew is enough to boost the hit points of all Patapons on the mission. YUCK! 1
Tasty Stew This sumptuous stew will boost the hit points of all Patapons on the mission. yum! 2
King's Stew Flavour fit for a king! Boosts the hit points of all Patapons on the mission. YUM! 3
Divine Stew This legendary stew will give the Patapons on the mission divine strength. 4
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