Unlike the previous two games in the series, Patapon 3 has DLC (Downloadable Content) which can be used as an Add-On to the main game.

The Bald Cap (limited time):Edit

DLC Bald Cap

This code is for US accounts only. (This item is now not available because its limited time is expired on the PSN.)

This diligent helm stays with you through thick and thin. Reflects sun beams for increased burn rate.

The Malevolent Uramus Helm (limited time):Edit

DLC Malevolent Uramus

This code is for US accounts only. (This helm is now expired.)

This is a rare helm that helps release one's anger and spite. Start by putting everybody to sleep with a boosted sleep attack.

The Clown Helm (limited time):Edit

DLC Clown Helm

This code is for US accounts only. (This helm is now expired).

Marina Sea Helm:Edit


This Helm is only available to Europe accounts. (it has now expired, since you can't access the website anymore. It redirects you to the Playstation website.)

Code: You need to obtain your own code by creating your own wallpaper at the Patapon 3 website. These codes are now invalid on NA accounts.

Other DLC Helms:Edit

Special HelmetsPATAPON3

From left to right: Straw Boing Helm, Bald Helm, Masamune Helm, Malevolent Uramus Helm, Thief Jirokichi Helm.

1.Otherworld Jupiter HeadEdit

2.Gero Helm ValorEdit

3.Straw Boing HelmEdit

4.Thief Jirokichi HelmEdit

5.Masamune HelmEdit

6.Karib Rampage HelmEdit

The Patapon 3 Video Strategies Guide:Edit

Code: Comes with every copy of the game

Once Patapon 3 is bought either as a hard copy (but not available on Used Editions) or a download you will receive a code that can be redeemed on PSN. This code gives you access to a Video Strategies Guide, which can be helpful when struggling with the game.

Patapon 3 DLC Quests:Edit

Main article: Patapon 3 DLC Quests

Numerous DLC quests have been released on Japan's PSN, and later on, made available to all other PSNs.

Note: Some DLC quests have been released in other regions. The files were previously corrupted, but now are not.


  • All the limited-edition helms (this includes DLC helms and the Shubaba Gale Helm) are referred to as "rare" in their descriptions. These helms are indeed rare as most of them are now unobtainable and a player may only posess one of each limited-edition helm.
  • Not all of the DLC quests were released immediately outside of Japan. The reason for this is not known as the Japanese DLCs contain many different language packages.
  • Unencrypted version of the DLCs may be played on any version of the game (language and region do not matter) but your PSP will need to meet certain criteria. (eg. CFW)
  • The Video Guide's videos are acually from the development versions of Patapon 3.
  • The helms aren't available anymore on the PSN but can still be downloaded here
  • Sadly the DLC quests are not downloadable on the PS Vita, not even on download lists on the PSN nor is it available on PSN for the Vita.
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