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Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.

Patapon 3 is the first game in the series with multiple endings. After Arch Pandara is defeated, you will be given three choices, each with a different ending and corresponding bonus. You can obtain all three endings, as you are given this choice every time you beat the mission "Eternal Archfiend and the Other Vessel".

The Choices[]

After defeating Arch Pandara and viewing the final cut scenes of the Dark Heroes, your Uberhero will appear in a spotlight, floating in a black void. A mysterious voice will offer to grant a single wish, after which you may choose one of three dialogue options. You get to choose wishes as many times as you want.

Ending 1 result: Dark Hero Mode

Ending 1: "Breath Life into Me!"[]

Wishing to become stronger in the realm of the living, your Uberhero is resurrected to battle the Dark Heroes for the rest of his life.

  • Bonus: You get to play Dark Hero mode as the Dark Heroes and visit their Hideout. However, in order to do this, you have to make a separate save file. You can only use Dark Heroes in VS Mode.

Ending 2 result: New Dungeon

Ending 2: "Let me die in peace."[]

Tired of battle and warfare, your Uberhero dies peacefully below the earth.

  • Bonus: Unlocks Depths of Jealousy, a new dungeon that was hidden under the Tomb of Tolerance. The dungeon is Multiplayer only, meaning that you will need more than 1 player to play it. However, with certain Uberheroes, you are able to make your way through the level, and play it on your own.

Ending result 3: Festival Area in Patapon 3

Ending 3: "Offer my soul, and save the Patapons..."[]

Wishing to build a future for his race, your Uberhero offers his soul to free the Patapons and Meden from their petrification.

  • Bonus: All Patapons get released from the stone curse and they rebuild Patapolis outside your Hideout. And if you have imported your Patapon 2 save data, Meden will give you the Ka-ching from your Patapon 2 save data to your Patapon 3 save data.

After going through the three endings, you can buy themes from the Silver Hoshipon's Shop.

DON'T WORRY! Even though endings 2 and 3 make it seem like Uberhero will die, You will still be able to keep playing Patapon 3 -with Uberhero.


  • You can obtain all three ending bonuses by defeating Dark Pondora (optional boss). After beating the quest, it is advised not to skip the cutscenes as this will also skip the choice segment (There are two cutscenes; the ending, and the credits. You can skip the credits, and you will be fine). You will then choose another ending and obtain its corresponding bonus.
  • When you choose the third ending, and the Patapons return to normal, there is a chance that the left most dancing Patapon may get out of sync from the other dancing Patapons. This only happens to him/her. This usually happens when playing multiplayer or after playing multiplayer.
  • The mysterious voice Uberhero hears when in the spotlight comes from inside him, Thus making it a possibility the Patapon God he fused with is the mysterious voice.