This article is about the minigames featured in Patapon 1. For the minigames featured in Patapon 2, see Patapon 2 Minigames.

Patapon features Minigames that you can unlock as a side quest. Not only are they fun, they're useful because they give useful materials (some being rare) that can be used for making new units. With rarer materials, you can make Rarepons.

In order, Ubo Bon's minigame gives you Level 1-3 wood commonly, meat uncommonly and ores rarely.

Pop Bean's minigame gives you Level 1-3 vegetables.

Rumble Thump's minigame gives you Level 1-3 ores.

Simmer Slurp's minigame gives you a Level 1-4 stew, and

Fwoosh Famooze's minigame gives you a Level 1-4 alloy or a Divine Equipment.

Before starting the first beat of the minigame, a HAI! sound can be heard in the background. This is the "GO" signal.

Minigame ListEdit

How to UnlockEdit

Ubo Bon the Tree (branches) Get the Pakapon hat from the tombstone in Escape from Isolation
Pop Bean the Legume (vegetables) Get the Zakpon hat on Creatures of the Sand, make it rain and kill the Gancheek.
Rumble Thump the Baby Mountain (ores) Get the Kimpon hat from killing Poocheek in Sandy Paradise
Simmer Slurp the Cooking Pot (stews) Get the Gashapon hat from killing a Parcheek in A World of Ooze
Fwoosh Famooze the Anvil (weapons and alloys) Get the Kampon hat on Search for a Lucky Star, hunt when its not raining and talk to Hoshipon, must get the black star first (Main Article is HERE).


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