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Ton, Chin and Kan (along with Hatapon aswell)

The Patapon Trifecta are the three Patapons who were saved by Silver Hoshipon. They use the same weapons as Uberhero, but they are simplified. Also, in Patapon 1 and 2, Ton, Chin and Kan are the three Yaripons you unlock at the start of the first and second games. Ton is the disciple of Gan Yaripon, Chin is the disciple of Ban Tatepon, and Kan is the disciple of Don Yumipon. Ton, Chin, and Kan, were changed to Yarida, Taterazay, and Yumiyacha by Silver Hoshipon using the essence of Gan, Ban, and Don.




The first member, and is somewhat the comedian of the Trifecta. He is the Yumipon of the three, and can change classes to become Yumiyacha, Alosson, Cannogabang, Wondabarappa, Jamsch, Pingrek, and Oohoroc.



The second member. Is the Tatepon of the three, and can change classes to become Taterazay, Tondenga, Guardira, Destrobo,Myamsar, Bowmunk, and Grenburr. He also has a special ability in conjunction with Hatapon called Lifelink that makesHatapon immune to all Status Effects and damage as long as he is alive.



The third member. He is the Yaripon of the three, and can change classes to become YaridaKibadda, Piekron, Wooyari, Pyokorider, Cannassault, and Charibasa.


  • TON-CHIN-KAN-HAI! can be heard in the the Multiplayer Hero Mode beginning and Multiplayer Quest/Versus Mode start (Patapon 3). It can be derived from the Patapon Trifecta Members. This could be intentional.
  • They are your only Units in Patapon 3.
  • Unlike the Uberhero, the Patapon Trifecta cannot change to different class besides their own class type when they reach level 15.

    Various forms of the Patapon Trifecta

  • When they are still petrified, they still hold their "spears" (wooden spears from Patapon 2) then, when revived by Silver Hoshipon their weapon changes. This means that they were actually Yaripons changed into Tatepon (Chin), and Yumipon (Kan) because of the essence of Ban and Don.
  • It is possible that Ton, Chin, and Kan were the same Yaripons that you found at the start of the Two previous Games since they said similar lines when they knew that the Almighty returned and the first Yaripons were always the only unit with Hatapon during the end of the games.
  • The Patapon Trifecta do not utter charge attack shouts, for example, Uberhero Taterazay shouts when activating his charge attack, but Chin can do the same move without the shout.
  • Ton is the only Trifecta member that has all of its classes in normal eyeball form. (Classes that are not considered normal eyeball form are Megapons (Wondabarappa/Jamsch) and Dekapons. (Tondenga/Myamsar)