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While normal users may have to go and undo edits manually, rollback users can instantly undo edits with a click of a button.


Rollback users don't have much functions over other users.

  • Able to undo bad edits with one click.
  • Rollback edits are marked as minor edits.

For Good

Rollback can be used to revert bad edits made by a vandal, or misleading edits.

For Bad

However, Rollback in the wrong hands causes more bad than good.

  • It could easily be used by a vandal to go on sprees of mass reverting random contributions, also they may well go unnoticed for quite a length of time, and therefore cause damage much quicker than a normal user.
  • Rollback edits are marked as minor edits, meaning that it doesn't show up in all Recent Changes.
  • It can be used in edit warring, which is reverting someone else's edits in particular.

List of members

Administrators/Bureaucrats also have access to Rollback immediately.


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