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The Cloud Demon Pharamatara

Pharamatara is a cloud demon, fought in the Momokkun Cloud Sea in Patapon 2.

He is sided with the Karmen, trying to block the Patapon Army in their way to Sky Castle Amattera. He is dark-grey with blue-ish markings, and also has a floating hand with the same colors. Like Bababaan, he will first approach the player at the start of the level, yawning, making his hand attack the Patapons, aided by the Torimen that appear. As damage upon him is inflicted, he will slowly retreat until he reaches the goal post. A Karmen fort is also present midway through the level.



Battle with Pharamatara in Sky Castle of Gods mission


He brings his two front fingers together and they begin to shake. He then slowly moves his hand to the front of the Patapons and flick them offscreen. Using the PonPata song is the best way to go, as the Patapons won't get flung away. The ChakaChaka song works too.

Ice Cloud Ring

After a while, Pharamatara starts to produce rings of ice whenever he yawns. This does little or no damage, but being frozen allows him and the Karmen troops to attack more easily and get free hits. The DonDon and DonChaka songs work later, but since they're not yet obtained by the time Pharamatara is first encountered, the player must rely on ranged units and ice-resistant Rarepons like Koppens.

Similarities to Bababaan

There are some similarities between these two creatures that may be noticable to some:

  • Both are half-bosses.
  • Both approach the Patapons at the start of the level, then retreat once enough damage is taken.
  • Both are demons.
  • They only have two attacks, one of which only happens after a certain amount of time.
  • There is only one tower in their stage, both having troops with electric weapons.
  • They both have purple color.
  • They have no legs, but still, they can move slowly around in their levels.

There are differences, though, both in their physical appearance and their attack patterns. Also, while Bababaan appears in the first two games, Pharamatara only does so in the second.


  • The stage is always in a storm, most likely from Pharamatara's presence, as when he is killed, the weather clears up, leading up to the assumption that he can control the weather, or at least exert influence over it.
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