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Image 1145.png
Equipment Spears, Lances, Daggers, Shields
Stamina Medium
Weight 5.5
Acquisition Yarida Level 5

These spear troops excel in the rain. Carrying shields, they can defend themselves well.
  — US In-game description. 

Piekron (パイケロン) is a Nyontama Yaripon Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. Like Yarida, Piekron attacks by throwing spears but is also equipped with shield, providing more defense. He balances offence and defense for a reliable all-round unit. As an Uberhero, Piekron can act as a support unit with his Uberhero mode.


Piekron initially sports a pale green mask in the form of a Nyontama Rarepon and wears an orange cape by default.

As Piekron evolves, his mask loses the Nyontama tail and gains additional green colors, resembling a Gekoroth. Finally, it turns a deep dark green with notable spines, resembling a Gekonronpa.


Piekron is at level 5 when unlocked, which is when Yarida reaches level 5.


Piekron can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Spears and Shields by default.
  • Lances at level 7.
  • Daggers at level 12.

Uberhero Mode: Concentrate

"Long-lasting boost for attack power of entire team. Use combo to boost effect. ~ Combines with other hero skills ~ "
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png
  • Combo: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png

During Concentrate, Piekron will meditate intensely, bolstering all allied damage, including his own, for a short period of time. Piekron becomes completely immobile while this is active. The longer Piekron meditates, the higher the attack multiplier increases, maxing out at 2x damage.

With Charibasa's Set Skills, Team Aid 1 and 2, this multiplier can be further increased to 3.5x damage. Reactivating Concentration will reset the multiplier and timer. Concentrates damage boost stacks with other Piekrons.

Class Skills

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill. Piekron's Class Skills will be inherited by Yarida.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Leaping Spear.png
Leaping Spear
Leap and hurl a spear in mid-air. Activate with fever or charge attack. Reach level 7 Using charged throws, either attacking or defending. (320 exp)
Spear BOOM.png
Spear BOOM
Small lightning bolt strikes where the spear lands. Activate with charge attack. Master "Leaping Spear" Using charged throws, either attacking or defending. (40 exp)
Spear BA-BOOM.png
Strengthens lightning. Superior skill to Spear BOOM. Master "Spear BOOM" Using charged throws, either attacking or defending. (20 exp)
Spear BA-BA-BOOM.png
Greatly strengthens lightning. Superior skill to Spear BA-BOOM. Master "Spear BA-BOOM" Using charged throws, either attacking or defending. (10 exp)

Inherited Class Skills

Skill Progenitor Description
Two Spears.png
Two Spears
Yarida Throw two spears at once with charge attack or during Fever.
Three Spears.png
Three Spears
Yarida Throw 3 spears. Superior skill to Two Spears.
Four Spears.png
Four Spears
Yarida Throw 4 spears. Superior skill to Three Spears.
Five Spears.png
Five Spears
Yarida Throw 5 spears. Superior skill to Four Spears.
Energy Field 10%.png
Energy Field 10%
(Uberhero only)
Skilled use of shield reduces melee damage by 10%!
Energy Field 20%.png
Energy Field 20%
(Uberhero only)
Adept use of shield reduces melee damage by 20%! Slight boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 10.
Energy Field 30%.png
Energy Field 30%
(Uberhero only)
Masterful use of shield reduces melee damage by 30%! Boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 20.
Energy Field 40%.png
Energy Field 40%
(Uberhero only)
Astounding use of shield reduces melee damage by 40%! Large boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 30.
Energy Field 50%.png
Energy Field 50%
(Uberhero only)
Ultimate shield-bearing Patapon! Reduces melee damage by 50%! Huge boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior to Energy Field 40.

Set Skills

Piekron can equip up to three Set Skills. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of four.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Rain Dance Rain falls when Fever strikes. Reach level 6
Shield +2 Boosts shield/greatshield level by 2. Reach level 9
Shield +3 Boosts shield/greatshield level by 3. Reach level 15
Stab Master Affects stab attacks: Attack power +100% Critical x1.2 Reach level 25
Peerless Frog (Uberhero only) Can touch burning brush, etc. to extinguish flames. However, if you are set on fire, effect is nullified! Reach level 32


Piekron tips.jpg

  • Piekron is quite similar in playstyle to Yarida. Those familiar with Yarida will be able to adjust to Piekron easily. However, Piekron's playstyle is more defense/support based, as he throws his spears at a downward angle towards closer enemies.
  • The equipment Piekron can use is arguably some of the most unique out of the whole Spear Class Tree; He is the only Spear Class who can equip Daggers. He can also equip shields like Charibasa and Kibadda.
  • Be wary that, despite carrying a shield, Piekron gets no innate defense and must rely on equipment.
  • Piekron's Hero Mode, which can reach a maximum of x2 damage, can actually reach x2.5 if he equips Charibasa's "Team Aid 1" Set Skill, x3.0 if he equips Charibasa's "Team Aid 2" Set Skill, and x3.5 if he equips Charibasa's "Team Aid 1" and "Team Aid 2" Set Skills.
  • Good classes to level up alongside Piekron are Yarida and Taterazay. The former provides his "X Spears" abilities, allowing Piekron to throw more spears with a single attack, and the latter provides his "Energy Field" abilities, giving Piekron greater defense against melee attacks.
  • Since Piekron's class skills require rain to activate, equipping Wooyari's Set Skills, Fish in Pond and Big Fish in Pond, can help bolster his stats further.


Level Stamina Defense
5 720 0
6 960 0
7 1248 0
8 1584 0
9 1968 0
10 2400 0
11 2880 0
12 3408 0
13 3984 0
14 4608 0
15 5280 0
16 6000 0
17 6768 0
18 7584 0
19 8448 0
20 9360 0
21 10320 0
22 11328 0
23 12384 0
24 13488 0
25 14640 0
26 15840 0
27 17088 0
28 18384 0
29 19728 0
30 21120 0
31 22560 0
32 24048 0
33 25584 0
34 27168 0
35 28800 0
36 30480 0
37 32208 0
38 22984 0
39 35808 0
40 37680 0

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Piekron is the only Uberhero to wield a Unique Weapon (Galapagos Shield) in the Patapon 3 Tips instead of their default weapons.
  • Piekron, along with Yarida, has the lowest health of all spear based Uberheroes.
  • Despite the Spear Boom Class Skill description about a "lightning strikes wherever the spear lands", Piekron may throw Daggers to deal the same effect.
  • Piekron and Myamsar are similar in a way that both can equip Daggers, and how their Hero Modes are activated using the PON CHAKA drum command.
  • Piekron, and Taterazay are the only heroes in the game with Hero Modes that affect teammates in a global range.
  • During online play against Dark Heroes, it is recommended to unequip 'Rain Dance', as Dark Heroes are unaffected by the lighting caused by Spear BOOM. From the viewpoint of the Dark Heroes, lightning strikes will not appear, nor will they take any damage from it. It is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional, as a similar glitch happens to Charibasa.


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