Masks and Eggs

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Masks are equipment that only Hero Patapons can wear. Each mask has four levels, improving in ability each time you go through the Patagate to hatch the respective egg. Masks give the hero enhanced abilities; here is a list of all masks and their effects from Patapon 2. Hero wears a new mask in Patapon 3.....(see more)
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Komupons are computer controlled heroes in Patapon 2. If you don't have 3 friends to play multiplayer Patagate, then you can select a Komupon to accompany you. New Komupon's are obtained by breaking the eggs when completing new Patagate missions..... (see more)
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Patapon 2 Rarepons

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Rarepons are Patapons with improved stats depending on their type. All Rarepons require Ka-Ching and certain materials to level up. Leveling up a rarepon can greatly improve their combat abilities. This makes unit selection and formation a key strategy aspect of the game.....(see more)
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Patapon 2 Materials

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Other than in Patapon 1, resources for building/evolving Patapons and Rarepons are no longer strictly mathematics. Instead, the Evolution Map tells you which resources are needed to create or improve them, when they are highlighted for you. Of course, the items have a certain "level", depending on their rarity and ease of acquisition.....
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Patapon 3

Patapon 3

In the newest installment of the Patapon series, Patapon 3 (パタポン3) begins directly where Patapon 2 ended, the Patapons finish building their bridge and have crossed the river to a new land.
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Patapon Equipments Archive

In the Patapon game series, you can customize your army and equip them with the appropriate equipments to make then faster, better, stronger. This complete database contains all Patapon and Patapon 2 Weapons, these equipment are used by the Patapons to fight against their enemies.....
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Patapon 1 Enemies and Bosses


Note: In Patapon 1, certain bosses will not drop a cap if they eat a Patapon or toss a Patapon off screen. Weak bosses like Dodonga will leave a cap until high levels. Stronger bosses like Cioking won't drop a cap regardless of what level it is. This was changed in Patapon 2.....
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Achievement Program

Patapedia is a rapidly growing Wiki, and we should expect a lot more incoming users with the release of Patapon 3 upon us shortly. I believe that we should start an achievement Program to help promote community growth and also to encourage users to contribute and edit more.

Achievements is a highscore system that award users for meeting certain criterias or when they accomplish certain events.

For more details visit Achievement Help.
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Patapon Minigames


Patapon features minigames that you can unlock as a side quest. Not only are they fun, they're useful because they give useful materials (some being rare) that can be used for evolution, for making Rarepons & for creating Normal Patapons....
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Superhero Patapon


Super hero Patapon is the new Hero in Patapon 3. He wears a more detailed mask than the previous Heroes in Patapon 2 , and has a human posture. He also dons a colored cape, each cape changing with different Superheroes.
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Patapon 3 Weapons


Patapon 3 new weapons shown on a new trailer.

These are the weapons that can be found in Patapon 3. The weapons have a different style depending on the class you use....
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Dark Heroes


Dark Heroes are a new type of enemy introduced in Patapon 3.
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Djinns (aka Summons) are mystical summons that appear in Patapon 3. They can be called upon by summoning when the Fever meter is full and glowing gold by drumming the Miracle Song (X-XX-XX).
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The Bonedeth Brigade is one of the main antagonists in Patapon 3. Like the Karmen, they wear masks colored green and black that are shaped like skulls.
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Madfang Ragewolf

Madfang Ragewolf (ファンギル) is a Dark Hero in Patapon 3. He wields various claws as weapons, one being the Fire Claws. He is the first Dark Hero the player encounters.
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Shookle is a plant-type boss seen in all Patapon games to date. Shookle releases spores that induce sleep, an incredible advantage against Patapons with no sleep resistance. Keep your distance when attempting to stagger one, or you may just have some pleasant dreams...
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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Toripon!!! Combining the attack power of the Yaripon with the manouverability of the Kibapon, the Toripons fly through the air.
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Gluttonous Buzzcrave

Gluttonous Buzzcrave is a Dark Hero in Patapon 3. Buzzcrave is linked to the Archfiend of Restraint and represents Gluttony, which is the reason he looks like an insect.
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Tink Ravine


The Tink Ravine is an ancient battlefield where many great warriors have been put to rest. The Patapons, proud warriors themselves, stand upon the burial ground and gaze up at the night sky.
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Goruru Dragon Form

The Great Patapons must face the evil Goruru(Gorl), who has the power to obliterate Earth itself. Only the mighty Kami army can stand up and defeat this dire threat!
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Patapon Drums


In Patapon Legend, the Almighty uses the power of four magical talking drums to command the Patapon Tribe through battle.(See more)
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Debug Mode


Debug Mode is a "cheat" in the EU and JP versions of Patapon 2 that lets you access developer features of the game, such as test levels and other things you wouldn't be able to get to normally.
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Status Effects

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List of Status Effects

In the world of Patapon there are many different ailments that can either help or hinder you. The Status Effects are: Critical, Knockback, Stagger, Burn, Sleep, Freeze, Poison, and Tumble.
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