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Level Info
Proving Grounds and Crescent Moon.png
Enemies Bonedeth, Dark Hero (Ragewolf)
Next Missions Archfiend of Valor, Will the Angry Wolf see a Full Moon?(Optional)
The Gallant, if Merciless, Knight(Optional/Post-Covet-hiss Loves Cannons)
Previous Missions Ragewolf and the Mysterious Birch Grove
Hunt the Cyclops(Optional)
Hunt the Cyclops: Part Deux(Optional)
Birch Bonedeth Brigade(Optional)
The Legendary Gigantus(Optional/Rare)
Background Music Dottama Gacheen Theme

Long ago, Patapons clashed with the forces of Evil at the arena. The Dark Hero Madfang Ragewolf, his spirit controlled by the Archfiend of Valor, peered up at the moon, and howled for victory.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv3 / Reward: Golden Chest Lv3

This is the first mission at the Arena of Valor, and it is the first single player VS Mode mission. If you aren't sure about the rules, check that page.


You have five minutes to score as many points as you can. There are five neutral territories, and you will be fighting against Madfang Ragewolf and his Bonedeth Brigade. Just keep marching and attacking. Try to capture the flag, but if you can't, just get more points than the enemies.


This mission can be very challenging, and is needed to move on to your first dungeon quest. If you have high defense, and know to defend against Ragewolf's Special move, you shouldn't have too much trouble. If your opponent summons a Djinn, kill them as fast as you can to stop the attack. Beware of the Bonedeth's knockback spears. Like it says above, march and attack as quickly as possible. Using a Tondenga may be wise, as it can easily stagger Bonedeth reinforcements it is recommended that you defend and then attack.


The EU version of the mission

  • In the EU version the mission is called 'Cresent Moon over the Arena' with the same description.
  • When Ragewolf enters Dark Hero Mode, the Hero spirit does not appear above Ragewolf.
  • Unlike normal Versus match, opponents have Bonedeths instead of Heroes. Other Head-On arenas don't have Bonedeth, only Dark Heroes.