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Ravenous Duel of Faith


Dark Heroes, Bonedeth, Dragon, Cyclops

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Archfiend of Adamance

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Ushishi's Theme

Face Ravenous, who has recovered his memory! Ravenous, awaiting his arch rival (Uberhero's Name), has brought his most precious rare item. (Uberhero's name)! Settle this old score with a great victory!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv25 / Reward: Jeweled Chest Lv25

This is the first mission in the Savannah of Envious Eyes and can only be played once.

Dark Dragon

A Dark Dragon being controlled by Ravenous


March foward and destroy the Bonedeth fort. March again until you meet Ravenous. You need strategy and timing if you want to kill his Dark Dragon. A good strategy is if you have melee units whose Hero Mode attack reaches a wide area (like Cannassault), you can get to the Bonedeth fort quickly and just hit Ravenous who will be on the other side, as you won't receive as much of his attacks when you're on the other side of the fort, and you can damage him a bit without getting hit back. Also, attack when Ravenous says that his rare item is weakening. You need to let the dragon go back or retreat first before you can deal strong damage to it. After that, remember to watch out for knockback. If his dragon is knocked back, like any other dragon, his claws will deal huge damage to anyone who is caught under them, and in this case cause posion. When you get poisoned, you should cure it immediately with Pata-Pon-Don-Chaka, as you don't want poision to nibble away at your health, which you will need as much of as possible. When you kill his dragon, he will jump off it and start saying something - do not think the battle is over; you still need to defeat Ravenous himself, who will spam his Dark Hero Mode. After you have defeated his Dark Dragon and him, Ravenous will bid farewell to your Uberhero before he leaves for a nearby Zigoton outpost to give them the blueprint for the upgraded Ziggertank which will help you in the next mission. That is if you have choosen the right option when talking to him during the cutscene.



Patapon 3 - Mission 28 Ravenous Dual of Fate

Patapon 3 - Mission 28 Ravenous Dual of Fate

Ravenous: Duel of Fate

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