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Sandy Paradise


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Oreoreore's Theme

Herds of Motiti are common sights at the oasis, but there are also occasional reports of swarms of sand Kacheeks, and even pink motitis called Momotis.
  — Mission description. 

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This is a hunting mission. You gain access to it by defeating the Zigotons at Heave Ho Oasis.

You can get the Kimpon Cap by defeating the Poocheek, a beetle-like creature that imitates a Kacheek. The Momoti will give you Succulent Meat (Dream Meat) if you can defeat them. You can gather Level 1-3 meat in this hunting mission. There are also sand Kacheek in this level. Don't forget to use Rain miracle

Rain Miracle in Hideout



Let's Play Patapon 17

Let's Play Patapon 17

What hunting in the "Sandy Paradise" is like...

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