The Great Patapon must face the evil Gorl, who has the power to obliterate Earth itself. Only the mighty Kami army can stand up and defeat this dire threat!
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Final Showdown!

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Servant of Darkness is the final storyline and boss mission in Patapon 1. Having defeated the Zigoton army and forced Queen Kharma into retreat, the Patapon army of the Almighty prepares to face the true source of the Zigotons' power in a final showdown.

Walkthrough Edit

Begin by advancing and building up Fever as usual. When the screen zooms out, brace yourself! The terrible demon Gorl (Goruru) will unexpectedly descend from the top of the screen and prepare to attack!

Gorl is somewhat unique in that he can change forms after taking enough damage. This process is lengthy, and allows for your army to get some free damage on him, but it allows him to access different attacks. In total, he has 4 attacks (two per form).

In 1st Form (Dragon-form):

  • Dark Fireball - He will use his left hand to summon a dark purple fireball. He will then throw it, which does moderate damage and can also ignite your Patapons. PonPata can avoid it if timed perfectly.
    Let's Play Patapon - Mission 30 - Servant of Darkness

    Let's Play Patapon - Mission 30 - Servant of Darkness

    Thanks to TehNevs for letting us post this.

  • Lightning Sacrifice - He will put down his hand (freezing in the process), grab a Patapon, fly back a short distance, and summon lightning to destroy the Patapon with 999 damage. In this case, you can't retrieve the cap. Retreat if you can, or stagger him to make him drop the Patapon.

In 2nd Form (Beast-form):

  • Rush Tackle - He will retreat about two and a half screens, pause, and soon charge forward to crash into your Patapons. It deals heavy damage, so retreat as he prepares the attack.
  • Dark Embers - He will freeze himself for two seconds, bow down, and soon shoot out dark purple balls at your Patapons. Minor damage, so can be guarded or retreated from. The dark purple balls will put your Patapons to sleep, giving Gorl a chance to prepare for his next attack, so block it or retreat.


  • Once Gorl falls for good, you'll get a random Level 4 Material or powerful equipment, and then the  ending will play.
  • You'll have to march 3-5 times before actuallly facing him depending on when you reach Fever, you have to be prepared.
  • If you look closely in the background, you will see an opened rift which may be what Gorl used to go to the normal world from the Underworld.
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