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The Seven Archfiends from left to right: Earnestness, Tolerance, Justice, Adamance, Restraint, Valor, Purity

The Seven Archfiends (「邪悪」?; 「じゃあく」, ja-aku; lit. evilness) are the true main antagonists of Patapon 3. When the Patapons opened a cursed vessel , the Seven Archfiends emerged, petrifying all of the Patapons except for Hatapon. Each Archfiend empowers and controls a Dark Hero that acts as its avatar.

It is later revealed that the Seven Archfiends were summoned by Sonarchy and Covet-Hiss as a means to exact revenge on the Patapons for wiping out the Ah-ooh culture.

Fan-made render of the 7 Archfiends.

Physical Description[]

The Seven Evil Spirits being released into the world.

All of the Archfiends appear as mostly featureless black circles with tiny bodies and thin legs. Each Archfiend possesses one distinguishing feature. They each have a coloured aura around their bodies, and a pair of triangle markings arranged into different shapes. The Seven Archfiends have many powers and are faced indirectly as bosses in dungeons. An item can be seen in the background of the boss room with the Archfiend's symbol.


Archfiend of Valor[]

Archfiend of Valor.

Known in Japanese as Yūki no Ja-aku (「勇気の邪悪」?; 「ゆうきのじゃあく」; evilness of bravery), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Rage. This spirit has a visible mouth, and it has a brown aura. Both of its triangles face downward and overlap. It has a large mouth with a long tongue and small protrusions on the edges of its jaws. It awakens and fuses with a Dodonga, with its mark appearing on the Dodonga's cheek. It is the first evil spirit to be seen in the game. This Archfiend is associated with Madfang Ragewolf. Its symbol is on a stalactite in the Cave of Valor.

Archfiend of Purity[]

Archfiend of Purity.

Known in Japanese as Junketsu no Ja-aku (「純潔の邪悪」?; 「じゅんけつのじゃあく」; evilness of purity), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Lust. It has a large, red, pointed nose, and a light blue aura. Its triangles overlap, pointing towards eachother, and forming a sort of sideways hourglass shape. It awakens and fuses with a Gaeen, with its mark appearing on the Gaeen's left hand. This Archfiend is associated with Naughtyfins. Its symbol is seen on a wall behind a torch in the Tower of Purity.

Archfiend of Justice[]

Archfiend of Justice.

Known in Japanese as Seigi no Ja-aku (「正義の邪悪」?; 「せいぎのじゃあく」; evilness of justice), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Pride. This spirit has bat ears on the sides of its head and a yellow aura. Its triangles are connected at the side and pointing toward each other, vaguely resembling an infinity symbol. It awakens and fuses with Kanogias, with its mark appearing on the corner of Kanogias' mouth. This Archfiend is associated with Standoffish Sonarchy. Its symbol is seen on a yellow banner in the Castle of Justice.

Archfiend of Earnestness[]

Archfiend of Earnestness.

Known in Japanese as Seijitsu no Ja-aku (「誠実の邪悪」?; 「せいじつのじゃあく」; evilness of sincerity), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Greed or Avarice. It has a large eye and a dark blue aura. The two triangles on its forehead intersect, forming an upright hourglass shape. It awakens and fuses with a Shookle, with its mark appears next to the Shookle's eye. This Archfiend is associated with RottenLee Ravenous. Its symbol appears on a pillar in the Estate of Earnestness.

Archfiend of Restraint[]

Archfiend of Restraint.

Known in Japanese as Jisei no Ja-aku (「自制の邪悪」?; 「じせいのじゃあく」; evilness of self-restraint), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Gluttony. This spirit sports long antennae on its head, and has a purple aura. Its triangles are connected on one side and pointing in opposite directions, creating a bisected parallelogram. It awakens and fuses with Ciokina, with its mark appearing on Ciokina's right claw. This Archfiend is associated with Gluttonous Buzzcrave. Its symbol is engraved on a shrine in the Labyrinth of Restraint.

Archfiend of Adamance[]

Archfiend of Adamance.

Known in Japanese as Fukutsu no Ja-aku (「不屈の邪悪」?; 「ふくつのじゃあく」; evilness of persistence/indomitability), this Archfiend is also called the Spirit of Indolence. It has massive, jagged horns and a green aura. Its markings overlap at the corner with both face upward, looking like a mountain range. This spirit managed to bring forth Dettankarmen from the underworld and fuse with it. In all three forms of Dettankarmen its mark appears on the demon's abdomen. This Archfiend is associated with Slow-moving Slogturtle. Its symbol is seen on a big rock in the Evilmass of Adamance.

Archfiend of Tolerance[]

Archfiend of Tolerance.

Known in Japanese as Kandai no Ja-aku (「寛大の邪悪」?; 「かんだいのじゃあく」; evilness of tolerance/leniency), Also known as the Spirit of Jealousy. This spirit has a long tail and a crimson aura. Its mark is very similar to that of the Archfiend of Restraint, turned so it points directly up and down. It is the last Archfiend that the Patapons face and the only one without an affiliated boss. It instead combines with the other Archfiends to awaken Arch Pandara. The mark of the Archfiend of Tolerance appears on the head of Arch Pandara while in its normal form. It is associated with Miss Covet-hiss. Its symbol appears on a red orb in the Tomb of Tolerance.


  • Archfiend of Valor: "Grrggle... Hrgack!" "Awaken, Accursed Dodonga! Hear my command, and cast flame upon the Patapons!"
  • Archfiend of Purity: "Zhr-zhrt...zhhrrt... Bweet!" "Awaken, Gaeen---mighty stone goliath! Entrust your bosom to me, and flatten those vile Patapons!"
  • Archfiend of Justice: "Twitch-twitch... Yawn..." "Awaken---War-giant Kanogias! My new little toy---have a go at these filthy Patapons!"
  • Archfiend of Earnestness: "Grrble...... Shvink!" "It's mealtime, little Shookle! Start pumping stomach acids for a Patapon all-you-can-eat!"
  • Archfiend of Restraint: "Bee-bee-bee-beep! ...Wiggle! Wiggle!" "Awaken, Ciokina, mountain queen! Become my claws, and slice the Patapons to ribbons!" "Oh, where did she crawl off to?!" (Ciokina appears) "Ahh! There you are."
  • Archfiend of Adamance: "Shkkkt! ...grind grind..." "Arise from the underworld, Dettankarmen! Fuse with my essence, and annihilate the vile Patapons!"
  • Archfiend of Tolerance: "Woosh woosh......Shwoop!" "All-knowing, and Absolute... Shatter the Vessel, and free the World. Seven Archfiends, become one Truth. Awaken! Arch Pandara!"


The Seven Archfiends being defied by the Patapons in the intro cutscene.

  • Each Archfiend has a symbol composed of two triangles arranged in a different way.
  • The escape of the Seven Archfiends in Patapon 3 is a reference to the classical myth of Pandora. In the myth, Pandora opens a box given to her by Zeus, releasing seven horrors into the world. However, inside the box, at the bottom, was also Hope (an element that is analogous to Silver Hoshipon).

    Shatter the Vessel, and free the World. Seven Archfiends, become one Truth. Awaken!

  • The color of each Archfiend's aura is identical to the main color of the Dark Hero they are associated with.
  • Valor and Tolerance have their symbols swapped in the opening leading to the Pledge.
  • When a possessed boss is defeated, the Archfiend's mark on the boss disappears, indicating that the Archfiend has been purified.
  • In stark contrast to the the Dark Heroes, who represent the Seven Deadly Sins, the Archfiends are named after the opposite, the Seven Golden Virtues.
  • Each Archfiend uses a different onomatopoeia in their speech pattern when encountered.
  • Each Archfiend has their symbol engraved an an object in their dungeon.
  • In Arch Pandara's Giant Form, each of it's mandible-like appendages bears the Archfiends' aura colors.

    Giant Form

  • Some of the Seven Archfiends share a feature with their respective Dark Hero. Archfiend of Valor has wolf-like face with teeth and extended face. Archfiend of Justice has bat-like ears. Archfiend of Restraint has insect-like antennas. Archfiend of Adamance has horns similar to Slogturtle.