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Boss Type Patapon-eating Plant
HP High
Damage Resistance Moderate-High
Element Sleep
Signature Moves Vine Sprout
Other Monster in Relation Shookle

Shooshookle is the upgraded form of Shookle. She has blue markings instead of pink, appears more thorny, and has jagged edges lining her (now green) stomach. Her "claws" are blue and now have black circles on them.

Shooshookle usually drops Level 2-4 Seeds, but Mater Sprouts are always possible.



Patapon 2[]

Patapon 3[]


Sleeping Gas[]

Shooshookle puts her vines behind her body, pauses and releases sleeping gas. The damage is major even at low levels, so it can kill Komupons very easily. The PonPata song, or the DonDon song will avoid this attack. Shooshookle will also release sleeping gas if she is staggered. Shooshookle can follow up with either Triple Devour, or Heavy Jump. In Patapon 2, sleeping gas can deal high damage to your Hero.

Heavy Jump[]

Shooshookle moves closer to your Patapons, then jumps on them. This attack does moderate-major damage. The PonPata song is the only way to dodge this attack. If any of your Patapons are still sleeping, they will probably suffer a fatal blow.

Stagger Retaliation[]

When staggered, Shooshookle will release a cloud of spore gas in the same manner as Sleeping Gas.

Shooshookle using Triple Devour

Triple Devour[]

Shooshookle picks up three Patapons with her vines, puts them in her main mouth and then swallows their caps (except in Patapon 2). Staggering Shooshookle will save your Patapons and burning her vines can also save your army from this dangerous attack

Spike Sprout[]

Shooshookle 'sits' on the ground, waits a few seconds, 'shoots' out seeds like a machine gun, which then sprout into spikes. The spikes can deal major-fatal damage. Only DonDon can avoid this.

Rage Mode[]

In Patapon 3, Shooshookle will go Berserk and attack without warning when she is damaged sufficiently. This is highly dangerous when she uses Sleeping Gas, Spike Sprout, or Heavy Jump. Luckily, she will still wind-up before using her Devour attack.


  • Shooshookle's vines are thornier than Shookle's vines.
  • Destroying Shooshookle/Shookles's vines renders Triple Devour useless, although it becomes harder to recognize their other attacks (but the vines grow back over time).
  • Shooshookle's vines are harder to destroy in Patapon 3. Shooshookle is also harder to ignite in Patapon 3.
  • In Patapon 3, for some reason, when Shooshookle dies, its eyes get smaller. When it is finally motionless, its eyes suddenly reappear.
  • In Patapon 3, Shooshookle is referred to as female.
  • In Patapon 3, Shooshookle's Statue grabs the Patapon Princess, unlike other statues that leave the Patapon Princess near the Herogate next to the statue.
  • Shookle/Shooshookle are the only bosses in the Patapon franchise to release status effects when staggered.
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