Level Info

Defender of the Sky


Karmen, Pharamatara

Next Level

Sky Castle Amattera

Previous Level

Ejiji Cliffs


Momokkun Cloudsea

Background Music

Wuffunfa's Theme

For this mission you will need long ranged Patapons like Yumipons or Yaripons. Without them, you will not be able to destroy the Torimen in this stage.


When the mission starts, you'll see a Talking Sign warning you about a "rock."

There is a Torimen with a Lightning Javelin. Do not march ahead, just stand on your ground and take down whatever comes your way.

After some Karmen tribesmen, you'll find an amoeba-like creature floating towards you.

This is the hand of Pharamatara. It flicks your Patapons, sending them flying, so defend your Patapons when it holds two of its fingers together. It attacks when it lets go of the fingers, giving high damage to your Patapons and knocking them backwards.

Defeat the hand and move on. You'll find more Karmen and a cloud like creature, Pharamatara.


Pharamatara sends out an ice smoke that slowly goes through the row of Patapons and freezes your units.

A Tatepon Hero is recommended (though it's not that effective on Hard), and mix up melee and ranged units because Karmen units keep spawning.

When defeated, Pharamatara will give you a Mysterious Egg for Pharamatara.

Back at PatapolisEdit

Meden: "Pharamatara... It was a scary demon. Who would have thought such thing was above the skies..."

Scout: "Priestess Meden, it's breaking news!!"

Meden: "I anticipated this... What did you discover?"

Scout: "A castle, a huge castle above the clouds!!"


  • While Pharamatara is preparing to flick your Patapons its fingers will shake signifying that it is charging energy to flick them.
  • The "rock" in front of the Talking Sign at the start of the stage looks very much like the rock that the Hero threw at Dodonga in the mission Destiny at Nanjaro Hill.
  • When Pharamatara dies, the weather lets up, suggesting Pharamatara has control over the weather.
  • Given that the dekapon hero is likely unlocked at the time you play this, it can be very helpful.


Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 13 - Pharamatara, Defender of the Sky 1

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 13 - Pharamatara, Defender of the Sky 1

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