General Spiderton

High Quality Render of General Scorpiton.

Spiderton is a minor enemy in the original Patapon. He is one of Queen Kharma's four Zigoton generals, a Kibaton who rides on a Strong Horse and wields a Fire Lance. He is notable for his helmet, which resembles a giant spider. His origins are unclear, but he appears to be either a demon from the Underworld or one of the many Zigotons who sold their souls to Gorl in exchange for power.

Spiderton attacks

Spiderton attacks.

Spiderton is only seen in One mission, where he encounters the Patapons attempting to penetrate Zigoton territory. He fights alongside the powerful Ziggerzank, and may call upon the aid of General Beetleton, but is himself not a particularly unique foe. Spiderton does not have any special attacks. Spiderton cannot be killed directly until the ziggertank is destroyed, making ranged units a must, especially Yumipons.

When the Ziggerzank falls, Beetleton retreats and Spiderton is so distraught that he doesn't notice the Patapons converging on him and delivering the final blow to him.

Upon defeat, he drops Spiderton Helm, which provides impressive boosts to its wearer's critical hit ratio.


  • Spiderton is the only Zigoton General that did not reappear in Patapon 2.
  • Spiderton once said that he and the other generals were "the Dark Ones". However, the true Dark One (the reborn Makoton from Patapon 2), is an Akumapon. Akumapons are generally purple, but Spiderton is not. In fact, he looks no different from a regular Zigoton other than his helm.
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