Superweapon Dahl is an optional half-boss that first appeared in Patapon 3. It is a stronger version of Org and it can fly in air.
SP Dahl


Dahl's form resembles that of a satellite/spaceship. Its color is similar to Superweapon Org which further implies it being more powerful Superweapon created by the ancient civilization.

After beating the Labyrinth of Restraint for the second time, Dahl appears at the third floor of the Depths of Gluttony (a multiplayer dungeon), replacing Org.


Guidance BeaconEdit

Guidance Beacon 2

Guidance Beacon

Dahl launches a tripod like structure.
Guidance Beacon

Guidance Beacon's Laser

This attack does massive damage, though it can be evaded with PonPata if the timing is right. To help the player evade it, below the tripod is a timer that indicates the proximity of the attack.

Homing Missile

Homing MissilesEdit

Ragewolf fires a barrage of missiles that can cause Knockback. This attack can be evaded with the PonPata or DonDon songs.


  • The password to activate the weapon is "HEAP! OF! JUNK!", which is the same one used for Org. Although there is a small difference in that Dahl's password isn't written in caps when Ragewolf says it.
  • Having the same password, Dahl might actually be an upgraded version of Org, instead of a different weapon.
  • Org looks like a mecha walker whereas Dahl looks like a flying tank.
  • If you look closely at the symbols and markings on Dahl, they are simliar to the symbols and markings on Dogaeen suggesting that they may be related in a way as they might be part of the same ancient civilization.
  • As in Org's case, Ragewolf is still seen piloting Dahl even after his execution has taken place. This is probably because the mission Depths of Gluttony is story wise not canon.
  • A glitch exists where if you deal major damage to Dahl quickly, you can walk by him and he will still be attacking behind you. When this occurs, you can complete the level without actually defeating Dahl.
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