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A sleeping sign

The Talking Sign is a reoccuring character in the Patapon series who gives the player hints. He appears throughout the games at random points. He is exactly what the title says he is: a wooden sign post that talks.

Patapon 1[]

He appears on Desert Crossing & Battle! Bachikoi Fort.


Patapon 2[]

He appears on Tochira Beach, where he is sleeping and needs to be waken up, and he appears in the first and second training missions. He also appears in Training: Obstacle Course and in the mission Sky Protector Pharamatara, telling you about the rock hero threw awhile back, as well as in mission Mystery Of The Sandstorms In The Desert

Patapon 3[]

He appears in all the training missions and some dungeons to give advice, often in riddles or poems. In Training missions, he rewards your Patapons with Treasure Chests and, in certain missions, extra time to complete your mission.

He is very useful in dungeons, as he gives you hints on the tricky parts, especially Evilmass of Adamance Floor 2.


  • In Patapon 2, when hunting on Tochira Beach during a clear day, when you burn the grass near the Talking Sign (except for first-time hunting) he will give you a generous amount of ka-ching.
  • In the Patapon 3 DLC quest, Big Beat, Perfect Marching Fest, he says his name is Signboard.
  • In Patapon 2, when practicing in mission on Juju Jungle, if the strategy is correct and your allies deal high damage, he will give you a lot of Ka-ching