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This Uberhero will bravely enter into any battlefield, shield up and warfaced, ready to bring down any foe that stands in his way. Equipped with a deadly combination of shield and saber, this forward-faced soldier will deflect enemy attacks and make mincemeat out of unsuspecting enemies.
  — Quoted from the official North American Patapon website. 
Image 2054.png
Equipment Swords, Blades, Spears, Shields
Stamina High
Weight 6
  • Choosing him at the start of the game.
  • Yarida Level 15 or Yumiyacha Level 15 (Uberhero only)

The basic shield class. This well-balanced unit holds the front lines and can attack with swords.
  — US In-game description 

Taterazay (タテラーゼ) is a Tatepon Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. He is one of the three parent classes, the others being Yarida and Yumiyacha; the player chooses one of them at the beginning of Patapon 3, each one having separate abilities and attributes. Taterazay is a close-combat class with ample stamina and a powerful defense, capable of fending off approaching enemies and mitigating incoming damage. However, the short range of his sword makes him ill-suited for offensive situations.


Taterazay sports an orange mask and wears a light red cape by default. His default hairstyle is a curved ponytail with three strands.

Taterazay's mask remains the same as he evolves.


Taterazay is revived by Silver Hoshipon and the Almighty, once you play as him you march toward the sound of the Pata Drum where you find Hatapon praying to the Almighty for help, he joins you and you march back towards your petrified Patapon comrades where Silver Hoshipon will revive three Patapon warriors, Ton Yaripon, Chin Tatepon, and Kan Yumipon and he drops Ka-ching on the way. Hatapon will take Meden (still petrified) on the way.


Taterazay is at level 1 when he is unlocked, which is either if the player chooses him at the beginning of the game, or when either Yarida or Yumiyacha reach level 15.

  • When Taterazay reaches level 3, Tondenga is unlocked.
  • When Taterazay reaches level 5, Destrobo is unlocked.
  • When Taterazay reaches level 7, Guardira is unlocked.
  • When Taterazay and Guardira reach level 10, Bowmunk is unlocked.
  • When Taterazay and Tondenga reach level 12, Grenburr is unlocked.
  • When Taterazay reaches level 15, Yarida and Yumiyacha is unlocked, if the player has not already unlocked them (Uberhero only).


Taterazay can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Swords and Shields by default.
  • Blades at level 5.
  • Spears at level 10.

Uberhero Mode: Energy Field[]

"An invisible shield protects the entire team. Greatly reduces damage to the team. ~ Combines with other hero skills ~"
  • Activate: ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png
  • Combo: ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

During Energy Field, Taterazay raises his shield and envelops the entire team in a protective aura, drastically reducing damage taken. Like the Tatepon Hero's "Energy Field" in Patapon 2, Taterazay remains in a defensive stance and will not attack during his Uberhero mode. If Taterazay is interupted by status effects, such as fire or sleep, the protective aura will cease until he returns to normal. Unlike its Heropon counterpart, units are not made invulnerable to damage and simply take reduced damage. During multiplayer with other Taterazay Uberheroes, multiple Energy Fields will stack multiplicatively; reducing damage taken to a minimum.

Upon activation, Taterazay will shout, "Muteppeki! (ムテッペキ)!"

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill. Taterazay's Class Skills will be inherited by Guardira and Tondenga. If Taterazay is an Uberhero, Kibadda, Piekron, and Charibasa will also inherit these skills.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Energy Field 10%.png
Energy Field 10%
Skilled use of shield reduces melee damage by 10%! Unlocked by default Executing perfect defence commands. (600 exp)
Energy Field 20%.png
Energy Field 20%
Adept use of shield reduces melee damage by 20%! Slight boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 10. Master "Energy Field 10%" Executing perfect defence commands. (200 exp)
Energy Field 30%.png
Energy Field 30%
Masterful use of shield reduces melee damage by 30%! Boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 20. Master "Energy Field 20%" Executing perfect defence commands. (100 exp)
Energy Field 40%.png
Energy Field 40%
Astounding use of shield reduces melee damage by 40%! Large boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 30. Master "Energy Field 30%" Executing perfect defence commands. (50 exp)
Energy Field 50%.png
Energy Field 50%
Ultimate shield-bearing Patapon! Reduces melee damage by 50%! Huge boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior to Energy Field 40. Master "Energy Field 40%" Executing perfect defence commands. (25 exp)

Inherited Class Skills[]

Skill Progenitor Description
Guardira Total immunity from stagger.
Guardira Total immunity to knockback.
Guardira Total immunity from sleep.
Guardira Total immunity to poison.

Set Skills[]

Taterazay can equip up to three Set Skills. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of four.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Shields Boost 1 Shield evasion boosted by 10% when shield or greatshield is equipped. Maximum 50% evasion for shield, 70% evasion for greatshield. Reach level 5
Shields Boost 2 Shield evasion boosted by 20% when shield or greatshield is equipped. Maximum 50% evasion for shield, 70% evasion for greatshield. Reach level 15
March Defense Defense while marching with PATA PATA PATA PON~ boosted by 50%. Reach level 25
Peerless Shield (Uberhero only) Shield evasion maximum increased by 15%, making maximum evasion 65% for shield, and 85% for greatshield. Reach level 32



  • When selecting an Uberhero at the start of the game, Taterazay is the best choice for new players. As well as providing many defensive options the fact that he is a Taterazay-class unit gives him the Lifelink ability: a connection between Taterazay-class units and the Hatapon that makes the latter immune to all damage, which helps to cover the fact that Hatapon can be taken down extremely quickly as opposed to the past two games. Having two Taterazay-class units means that it will be incredibly hard for the enemy to take down Hatapon and essentially denies the possibility of suddenly failing a mission due to losing the Hatapon.
  • Taterazay's Class Skills will affect any unit that carries a shield, even classes that belong to other class trees.
  • During a Charged Attack, Taterazay will dash forward and deliver an uppercut strike.
  • Consider developing Guardira alongside Taterazay, and vice-versa. Taterazay's Shield Evasion-boosting Set and Class skills help out Guardira and Guardira's Status effect blocking class skills help out Taterazay.
  • Taterazay's Uberhero Mode can be made more powerful by equipping the Charibasa's Set Skills, Team Aid 1 and 2. 


Level Stamina Defense
1 360 1
2 432 2
3 576 3
4 792 4
5 1080 5
6 1440 6
7 1872 7
8 2376 8
9 2952 9
10 3600 10
11 4320 11
12 5112 12
13 5976 13
14 6912 14
15 7920 15
16 9000 16
17 10152 17
18 11376 18
19 12672 19
20 14040 20
21 15480 21
22 16992 22
23 18576 23
24 20232 24
25 21960 25
26 23760 26
27 25632 27
28 27576 28
29 29592 29
30 31680 30
31 33840 31
32 36072 32
33 38376 33
34 40752 34
35 43200 35
36 45720 36
37 48312 37
38 50976 38
39 53712 39
40 56520 40

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Taterazay is the main Uberhero on the covers of all boxarts for Patapon 3 .
  • Only Taterazay and Guardira have the ability to enlarge their shields.
  • Taterazay is one of the only classes that can have total immunity for 6 different status immunities (with Fireblessed shield and DLC helmets) at the same time without the set skill "Peerless Deer". He shares these immunities with Guardira.
  • Unlike other classes, Taterazay's Class Skills when fully leveled up can be passed on to five classes rather than one. (Tondenga, Guardira, Piekron, Kibadda, and Charibasa) This can be useful as Taterazay's Class Skills will make them more resistant to attacks. However, only Uberhero can only distribute class skills to other classes from different class trees, as Chin can only pass Class Skills to Tondenga & Guardira.
  • A visual glitch occurs when Taterazay is in Hero Mode. When marching after activating Uberhero mode, Taterazay will slide forward instead of walking.
  • Taterazay, Destrobo, and Guardira are the only classes in the game to shout when their charge attack is activated (Uberhero only).
  • Taterazay and Piekron are the only 2 heroes in the game in which their Hero Modes affect allied units in a global range.


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