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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Forumheader/doc.

This template is used by default on all forum pages. The first parameter will already be filled, and thus can simply be ignored. The template also has two other parameters that are noteworthy.

  • archive - This parameter will add the thread to the archived list if set to true. It is equivalent to adding {{Archive}} directly below the forumheader template if you choose not to use the parameter.
  • sticky - This parameter will add the thread to the list of stickied threads if set to true.
  • user - Name of the user who closed the thread, for sorting purposes.
  • date - Date when the thread was closed, for sorting purposes.
  • type - Gives thread a category based on input.
Valid values are (case insensitive):
  • community
Giving Category:Forum archives/Community
  • content
Giving Category:Forum archives/Content
  • discussion
Giving Category:Forum archives/Discussion
  • miscellaneous, misc
Giving Category:Forum archives/Miscellaneous
  • policy
Giving Category:Forum archives/Policy
  • technical, tech
Giving Category:Forum archives/Technical
  • user-related, user
Giving Category:Forum archives/User-related
By default (no or incorrect value given), it will give Category:Forum archives/Uncategorised

As a side note, this template will also add a notice if the thread has been inactive for a month or more. This is considered useful to administrators when closing threads.

Closing thread

After consensus is determined, the following parameters should be added:

|archive=true|date=~~~~~|user=your username|type=type of thread
And the sticky parameter should be removed.
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