This terrifying bird is armed with a sharp beak and a determination to avenge its brethren who fell at the Training Grounds. Beware, its eyes burn with red hot fury! (*) This quest appears only rarely.
  — Mission Description 
Terribird Mochichichi

Terribird Mochichichi

Suggested: ? / Reward: ?

This is the fifth mission at the Greedy Mask Jungle, and appears only rarely.


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In this mission you will fight Mochichichi. Mochichichi is a lot stronger in this mission compared to it's Patapon 2 counterpart.

Once you lower Mochichichi's health down to roughly 66%, it will go berserk and attack without warning. Mochcihichi will give a short warning beforehand by flying higher than normal into the air whilst panting.

Mochichichi is a very easy boss to stagger, so bring some staggering equipment. If you can continuously stagger Mochichichi, it won't have a chance to attack. Mochichichi is also weak against critical hits.

When defeated, Mochichichi will drop either a Golden or Jeweled Chest.


Patapon 3 Boss Terribird Mochicchichi w Cannogabang

Patapon 3 Boss Terribird Mochicchichi w Cannogabang

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