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'Now you see us, now you don't!' is a popular Tondenga motto... which, of course, refers to the way they manage to swing their massive clubs (one in each hand!) at whirlwind speeds. Enemy troops cower at the thought of a direct impact. It is rumored that enemies feel complete bliss at first impact... could be the fact that they eternally moved on to a better place.
  — Quoted from the official North American Patapon website 
Image 1057.png
Equipment Clubs, Swords, Axes, Shields, Shoulderguards
Stamina High
Weight 8
Acquisition Taterazay Level 3

With a weapon in each hand, these fearsome giants deal devastating damage.
  — US In-game description. 

Tondenga is a Buhyokko Dekapon Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. Arguably one of the most powerful units, Tondenga boasts superb offensive and defensive capabilities. He is capable of equipping a wide variety equipment to further optimize his strengths and cover his weaknesses. However, as with all Taterazay-class units, Tondenga's power and durability is limited by his short range and slow speed.


Tondenga initially sports a peach mask in the form of a Buhyokko Rarepon and wears an purple cape by default.

As Tondenga evolves, his mask turns pink and gains additional details on his snout and ears, resembling a Buhyonku. Finally, the mask's colors intensify and the details become more defined, resembling a Puuhyonku.


Tondenga is at level 3 when unlocked, which is when Taterazay reaches level 3.


Tondenga can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Clubs, Shoulderguards, and Shields by default.
  • Swords at level 6.
  • Axes at level 10.

Uberhero Mode: Giandeth[]

"Spin violently with weapons splayed in this dramatic centrifugal attack. Inches forward while deflecting foes."
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png
  • Combo: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

During Giandeth, Tondenga relentlessly swings his weapon in a circular fashion, obliterating enemies within range while also slowly inching forward. Like the Dekapon Hero's "The Hammer" in Patapon 2, Tondenga will continuously strike and move forward during his Uberhero mode with no concern with his own safety. Survivors are staggered and thrown back, while sturdier and larger enemies will be forced to take repeated strikes. Due to the slow movement speed, Tondenga is predisposed to take more damage from incoming projectiles and distant enemies. Giandeth will always strike at the same rate, regardless of Tondenga's attack speed.

Upon activation, Tondenga will shout, ""Gi-an-Deth! (ジャイアンデス)!"

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill. Tondenga's Class Skills will be inherited by Myamsar.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Set Skills 1.png
Set Skills 1
Gain an additional set skill slot. Reach level 5 Marching while using the maximum Set Skill slots. (300 exp)
Set Skills 2.png
Set Skills 2
Gain 2 Set Skill slots. Superior skill to Set Skills 1. Master "Set Skills 1" Marching while using the maximum Set Skill slots. (100 exp)
Set Skills 3.png
Set Skills 3
Gain 3 Set Skill slots. Superior skill to Set Skills 2. Master "Set Skills 2" Marching while using the maximum Set Skill slots. (50 exp)
Set Skills 4.png
Set Skills 4
Gain 4 Set Skill slots. Superior skill to Set Skills 3. Master "Set Skills 3" Marching while using the maximum Set Skill slots. (25 exp)

Inherited Class Skills[]

Skill Progenitor Description
Energy Field 10%.png
Energy Field 10%
Taterazay Skilled use of shield reduces melee damage by 10%!
Energy Field 20%.png
Energy Field 20%
Taterazay Adept use of shield reduces melee damage by 20%! Slight boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 10.
Energy Field 30%.png
Energy Field 30%
Taterazay Masterful use of shield reduces melee damage by 30%! Boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 20.
Energy Field 40%.png
Energy Field 40%
Taterazay Astounding use of shield reduces melee damage by 40%! Large boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 30.
Energy Field 50%.png
Energy Field 50%
Taterazay Ultimate shield-bearing Patapon! Reduces melee damage by 50%! Huge boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior to Energy Field 40.

Set Skills[]

Tondenga can equip one Set Skill. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of two. Mastering his "Set Skills" class skill unlocks an additional four slots, for a total of six.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Extra Blubber Doubles weight, which reduces the distance thrown back in Knockback. Reach level 4
Club Attack 50% boost to attack power when equipped with a club. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 8
Natural Disaster Each attack has a chance of triggering an earthquake. Melee attack: 5%. Range attack: 1%. Reach level 15
Strike Master Affects strike attacks: Attack power +100% Knockback x1.2 Stagger x1.2 Reach level 25
Peerless Pig (Uberhero only) Damage is halved when hit with slicing or bashing blows. Reach level 32


Togenda tip card.jpg

  • Tondenga is considered to be the be-all-end-all unit of Patapon 3, and has few weaknesses. With his immense health and defense, wide array of weapons to use, incredibly strong Uberhero Mode, incredible offensive power, the amount of Set Skills he can use, and how easily he can be unlocked makes Tondenga usable in almost any situation.
  • Giandeth's attack interval is in sync with the beat of the rhythm, so even when using slow weapons, Tondenga will always strike at every half-second intervals. Because of this, he can attack enemies faster than any other melee unit.
  • Once Tondenga reaches level 10, equipping an axe will greatly improve his damage output and range compared to clubs and swords.
  • As an Uberhero, equipping Cannassault's Peerless Deer Set Skill allows Tondenga to attack with reckless abandon during Giandeth without having to worry about status effects.
  • The Strike Master Set Skill is a very useful Set Skill not only for Tondenga, but for other classes that rely on Strike (Destrobo) or who can wield dangerous Strike weapons (Grenburr, Cannassault). It synergizes very well with the Axe of Hanboon, boosting its already incredible damage output.


Level Strength Stamina Defense
3 0 - 5 614 2
4 0 - 8 845 3
5 0 - 12 1152 4
6 0 - 15 1536 5
7 0 - 19 1997 6
8 0 - 22 2534 7
9 0 - 26 3149 8
10 0 - 30 3840 9
11 0 - 34 4608 10
12 0 - 38 5453 11
13 0 - 42 6374 12
14 0 - 47 7373 13
15 0 - 51 8448 14
16 0 - 56 9600 15
17 0 - 61 10829 16
18 0 - 66 12134 17
19 0 - 71 13517 18
20 0 - 76 14976 19
21 0 - 82 16512 20
22 0 - 87 18152 21
23 0 - 93 19814 22
24 0 - 99 21581 23
25 0 - 105 23424 24
26 0 - 111 25344 25
27 0 - 117 27341 26
28 0 - 123 29414 27
29 0 - 130 31565 28
30 0 - 137 33792 29
31 0 - 143 36096 30
32 0 - 150 38477 31
33 0 - 157 40934 32
34 0 - 164 43469 33
35 0 - 172 46080 34
36 0 - 179 48768 35
37 0 - 187 51533 36
38 0 - 194 54374 37
39 0 - 202 57293 38
40 0 - 210 60288 39

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Tondenga uses a shield, unlike in the previous Patapon games, where only Tatepons were able to use them.
  • Tondenga, along with Myamsar and Yarida, is one of the few Uberheroes who can equip the most Set Skills, as he can equip 6 once he has mastered all of his Class Skills.

Tondenga without a shield

  • During the credits, Tondenga is seen without a shield.
    • This oddity is also seen on his Tip Card.
  • Tondenga's charge attack, Cannassault's Hero Mode and the Natural Disaster set skill are the only ways you can tumble enemies. The Yamagami Djinn's flying meteors can also cause Tumble.
    • Natural Disaster only activates when a hit connects and not when a hit is just let out.
    • Interestingly, the missiles launched in Missile Battle are also affected by Natural Disaster, meaning there is a slim chance of Tumble occurring every time a missile hits anything.
  • Tondenga is one of the few heroes whose Hero Mode is not affected by attack speed.
  • Tondenga and Myamsar are the only Taterazay-class units to have 4 item slots.
  • Tondenga's Peerless Pig Set Skill, like many others, has a confusing or misleading description. Despite it stating, "Damage is halved when hit with slicing or bashing blows." it does not halve damage. Instead, whatever damage you take from Slash and Strike attacks will cause half the damage you took to return to the attacker. For example: If a Taterazay were to inflict 20 damage on a Peerless Pig user, the assailant would receive 10 damage back.


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