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Treants are one of the latest additions in the Patapon series, first introduced in Patapon 3 and categorized as a mini-boss. It first appears in the mission, Ragewolf and the Mysterious Birch Grove. Naturally, Treants are docile and asleep, unresponsive to any type of damage done to them. However, once it has been ignited by any means (stray fire or lightning), it awakens and becomes highly aggressive.

If the area is raining, Treants will heal a portion of their health every few seconds. The stronger the Treant, the greater it heals. Thus, it is not recommended to use Piekron's set skill, Rain Dance. While on fire, however, they will only heal half the amount.

Treants are classified as wooden structures, and will take less damage from stabbing attacks, such as spears. Impact-based weapons like hammers and arms can cause damage more effectively. As mentioned before, igniting a Treant will make it aggressive. Fortunately, the fires on the Treant will do periodic damage against it. While asleep, Treants are highly resistant to critical hits, but are vulnerable to them when active.


Scattering Embers[]

A Treant prepares to scatter embers.

The Treant leans back with it's branches held back, then slams them forward, throwing embers forward. Any units too close can also be damaged by the Treant's branches. The embers have a high ignition chance and do moderate damage. PonPata can be used to avoid most of the embers, as well as DonDon if your group is far enough.

Ember Ambush[]

Occasionally after using Scattering Embers, the Treant will stay leaning forward, only to follow up with two more bursts of fire. It can be difficult to detect, and can do serious damage to units vulnerable to fire. As before, PonPata and DonDon can be effective at avoiding it. Note that it takes four measures until it scatters embers again, and the embers may reach those jumping and those afar. A Charge Defense (PonChaka ~ ChakaChaka) can be used to greatly reduce damage instead of risking some damage..



Cinder Beast Deth Treant[]

First encountered in its titular stage "Cinder Beast Deth Treant", it is a taller and tougher version of the Treant. Unlike regular Treants, which burn orange and yellow, Deth Treants have blue and purple flames with red claws. It's attacks are much more deadly, and has a higher heath regeneration.

In the multiplayer dungeon, "Godtree Feisu", a powerful Deth Treant is faced at the end of the second floor. The entire floor is always raining, regardless of any set skills, giving the Treant a terrifyingly high amount of health recovery of 541k as well as having an extremely high health.

In the DLC mission (Multi) Forest Blight Fight, an extremely difficult Deth Treant is found alongside Dodonga and numerous regular Treants and Lava Salamanders. The area is always raining as well, allowing near invulnerability and near-fatal attacks.