Your justice, or my justice? The Heroes and Dark Heroes cannot agree, but Sonarchy offers a solution:"Let the victors define justice!♪" Face the dubiously smug Sonarchy, and disrupt Buzzcrave and Slogturtle's improved teamwork!
  — Mission Description 
Range of Justice

Range of Justice

Suggested: Lv? / Reward: Gold Chest Lv?

This is the fourth mission at the Range of Justice. This level is unlocked after finishing Covet-hiss Loves Cannons and stays playable forever. You will be facing Buzzcrave, Slogturtle and Sonarchy in this mission


This mission is a VS missile battle at the Range of Justice. There are no iron walls like at the Range of Adamance to prevent incoming missiles from hitting you and your platform. The Dark Heroes are strong here, so defend when you see one Dark Hero in Hero Mode (especially Buzzcrave). Like in other missile battles, some ranged units shoot over the lever and are nearly useless. The only usage for them is that they can hit the enemies on the other platform. The lever that you have to hit is critical-resistant, so classes that rely on critical hits to cause damage such as Wondabarappa, are useless. To shoot missiles, you will have to use your melee classes. Good picks include Tondenga, Grenburr, and even Wooyari. Hit the lever quickly for a good chance to win this battle. The Extra Blubber Set Skill will help you a lot if you are using Shield Classes, as after the lever have been knocked down for a while, it will snap back up, dealing Knockback to any classes nearby. Equip Chin with Natural Disaster to make the Dark Heroes tumble, making it easy for you to win.

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