Ubo Bon

Ubo Bon is a mighty tree that has an itchy head. He is seen in Patapon and Patapon 2. When first seen before the mingame, Ubo bon will be asleep and snoring. Ubo Bon has a big deep voice, but has the ability to sing with the word Bon. He is part of a minigame, where Pan Pakapon will play his trumpet, to make Ubo Bon dance, therefore making itchy items fall out of his head. He will drop level 1-4 materials, but can only drop level 4 items at the 3rd minigame level. For more information on Ubo Bon, see Ubo Bon the Tree and Pan Pakapon.


  • In Patapon, Ubo Bon only drops either 1 leaf or 1 material. In Patapon 2 however, he drops more materials and leaves at the same time.


Ubo Bon Minigame

Ubo Bon as seen in his mini-game.

Ubo Bon

Ubo Bon sleeping


Patapon Minigames - Pan Pakapon (Tree)

Patapon Minigames - Pan Pakapon (Tree)

How the minigame is played.