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The Underworld's Newest Weapon


Patapole Kingdom

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Underworld Tank Zugagang.

Soon after the mission begins, a gigantic tank will appear from the right. It's called Zugagang (Zah-gah-gang). It has three attacks: it will fire arrows from the middle section; it will fire its cannons from the top section; and its spiky wheel will be able to damage you in the bottom section as it moves back. Some Torimen and Dekamen will appear but they are not that threatening. Just use brute force and destroy Zugagang to finish the mission. Black Hoshipon will only run away.

At Lv. 3, Zugagang will drop the Soft Lithograph, leading to Ganodias's Mission. It's recommended to take Mahopons because they will easily deal with Torimens and Dekamens. Also, Hatapon should not get too close to Zugagang's spiky wheel, as it is able to kill him. There is a high ranking torimen with unlimited health, and cannot be defeated before you defeat his 3 squadrons, each squadron getting 3 torimen bigger every torimen defeated, once the last torimen of his last squadron dies, he dies almost immediately, no matter how much damage was dealt to him, He also always drops equipment.

Back in Patapolis, Meden will prepare you for the final battle.


Patapon 2 - Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

Patapon 2 - Underworld Tank Zugagang Rebuilt

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