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Underworld Servant Garuru

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Acchichichi's Theme

Undying Bird at Melala Volcano is a boss mission in Patapon 2. After defeating Garuru Patapons continue their journey and they meet the fire bird of Melala Volcano, Fenicchi.


See here for more info on defeating Fenicchi.

Fenicchi uses the same tactics as its counter-part Mochicchichi. Fenicchi has an extra move called 


Hurricane, but it uses it rarely. Good way to dodge this attack is to use Pon Pata song.

Fenicchi is far more stronger and has great resistance against fire weapons. However, Fenicchi is greatly weak against Freeze attacks. It is suggested that you use Ice Weapons rather than Fire weapons here.

If you keep defeating Fenicchi it will eventually drop the Rah Gashapon cap at level 3.