I don't play much Patapon these days but if you have any questions or need help feel free to message myself or the most recently active staff member. We may not answer immediately but will do our best if we're active. I have full administrative and bureaucratic resources so if there's something you're incapable of doing, I'm your guy.

The game I predominantly play at the moment is a freeware music game known as osu! If you found Patapon fun, I definitely recommend trying it out. You can play competitively or casually, totally up to you. is the website.

Here's one of my old liveplays that somewhat shows what the game's all about:

You don't need a drawing tablet to play, it is just preferred at higher levels of play. There are many good mouse-keyboard players too. If you start playing, please message me - I can help you get started.

Other games I play include:

  • Minecraft (IGN: ian)
  • CS:GO
  • RuneScape (10-11 years of rather casual play)
  • League of Legends (mid lane main, IGN: dreamclip)
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