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Hello, I am Mr. KisE. I've spent about 3000 hours on this series since 2008, somewhere in February. Would have been more if I hadn't lost my psp for such a long time, but I'm back and better than ever. I still play, as of writing this, despite the community being mostly gone - if thou wishes to contact me, I shall put means to do so below.




===[ G O A L S ]=========================

Patapon 1                                                   

Obtain Gong's Helm (Had To Restart The Game Twice -_-)

Obtain Every Piece Of Equipment

Defeat Every Boss 25 Times

Defeat Lv. ☆ Dodonga (100% Complete)

Defeat Lv. ☆ Majidonga (25% Complete)

Patapon 2                                                        

Defeat Gong

Defeat Sokshi Gate Without Catapult

Beat Every Mission At Lv. ☆ (27% Complete)

Beat Every Patagate Mission At Lv. ☆ (7% Complete)

Win A Patagate Level With Another Player

Patapon 3                                                       

Save Naughtyfins

Create A Team Of 4+ Players

Reach Lv. 32 On Every Class

Reach Lv. 40 On Wooyari

Beat Depths Of Jealousy Single Player

Obtain A Pink Jeweled Chest

Obtain Any Piece Of Ultimate Equipment (0% Complete)

Lead A Team Of Wooyari Warriors


Reach Top 20

Reach 500 Edits

Reach 1000 Edits

Reach Top 5

Become Moderator

Become Bureaucrat

Obtiain The Ultimate Patapedia User Extraordinaire! Badge

Kise Style

Challenge Accepted, Challenge Complete. February 11th 2018, 9:18 P.M. EST


  • Usso Forest, Patapon 1
  • Patata Plains, Patapon 1
  • Gong The Hawkeye, Patapon 1
  • Kisepon.png Kisepon Concept 1.
  • Simmer Slurp, Patapon 1
  • Kisepon Walking
  • Gong Vows To Fight(?), Patapon 1
  • Aiton And Makoton, Desert Crossing, Patapon 1Go to The Story Of Makoton And Aiton
  • My HD Drawing Of Wooyari
  • Patapon 2 Pharamatara?
  • Cool Myamsar
  • Its Me Versus The World, Again.


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