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3 years already?
  — Me on December 24, 2015 

Should I come back?
  — Me on December 22, 2016 

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About MeEdit

Sup there Patapedians, I'm Patapon Donchaka. I used to be a very active user back in 2014. I became an Admin not to long ago tho.

What do I do now?Edit

  • Well after being an Admin in The SpongeBob Wikia or should I say, Encyclopedia SpongeBobia. I suddenly quit during February 2016.
  • I play video games from franchises I like, browse Reddit, watch Youtube highlights of my favorite Dota 2 streamer, Admiralbulldog. Here is a complete list of the games I played.

Do you still go here?Edit

During these days, because of quarantine, I have alot of free time to kill and there are afternoons where I feel like checking the wikia and do stuff. I currently have a not so serious goal of checking every page of Patapedia and see if I can help in making navigation better, removing errors and typos, and making things consistent.

Also I have been working on replacing screenshots of the game in this wikia to the more clearer and better resolution in the PPSSPP emulator.


If anyone is interested


Thanks for what you said to me lately. I'll try my best to make this wiki progressive. SachiyoHasegawa818 01:48, December 29, 2016 (UTC)

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