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  • I was born on November 23
  • I am male
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Welcome mino
Welcome home Great Mino! We missed you! Time to edit!

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Canada (North America)



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Eastern Standard Time


PSP hacks, PSP homebrew, Patapon, editing, squash, Runescape, Minecraft


English, French, Patapon

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Mino, R2D2

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I am a bureaucrat of Patapedia. I like making small edits here and there, and returning vandalised articles to their previous form. I am currently focusing on improving Patapedia's infrastructure. I have a good comprehension of templates and ParserFunctions. If you need help, just leave a message on my Talk page, email me at, or send me a message on Facebook if I'm logged in. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

For signature request, animated GIF requests, PATAFONT images or any other request, post a request on my talk page.

To download PATAFONT, direct yourself here.

To view my personal signature gallery, click here.

My Contributions and EventsEdit


  • Oct 11: Become a rollback
  • Map a few images
  • Regularly update the Patapon 3 DLC quest page
  • Create Patafont
  • Earn the "This battle requires luck..." badge three times (24,000th, 25,000th, 26,000th)
  • Nov 26: Create the Inactivity template
  • Dec 25: Become an administrator


  • Jun 11: Become a bureaucrat

To-do ListEdit

  • Add animated pictures of all UBH modes
  • Map more images where mapping could be useful
  • Make a nicer user page (getting better)

Pata ProfileEdit

Arch Item is Lance. I've never played multiplayer yet :( Played my first multi via Ad Hoc with my sister on October 1st, 2011.

My ObjectivesEdit

  • Reach level 40 on all UBH
    • Shield-Based
      • ​Taterazay
      • Destrobo
      • Guardira
      • Tondenga
      • Myamsar
      • Bowmunk
      • Grenburr
    • Archer-Based
      • ​Yumiyacha
      • Alosson
      • Wondabarappa
      • Jamsch
      • Oohoroc
      • Pingrek
      • Cannogabang
    • Spear-based
      • ​Yarida
      • Kibadda
      • Piekron
      • Wooyari
      • Pyokorider
      • Cannassault
      • Charibasa
Current Status of Completion: 90%

My Favourite, Unique, or Super Unique ItemsEdit

To see my outdated Patapon 3 equipment list, click here.

My Favourite PagesEdit


  • Destrobo's Crushcombo
  • Tondenga's Giandeth
  • Grenburr's Guillotine
  • Bowmunk's Freaky Tree
  • Myamsar's Sic 'Em Shadow
  • Alloson's Arrow Shower
  • Piekron's Concentrate
  • Yumiyacha's Meteo Arrow

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